City Council in brief—

At its regular meeting on March 19, the Winnemucca City Council (with all members present):

• Approved a request by a property owner on Stuart Street to decrease the side yard setback for properties from 10 feet to five feet during a public hearing in order for a property owner to build an attached garage addition to their home in a split vote, with council members Pam Coats and Vince Mendiola in opposition. 

Owners of neighboring properties were present during the hearing to voice concerns about aspects of the proposed addition that may affect their properties, concerned that the poor water drainage in the area would be worsened by a large structure. 

The property owner assured that they planned to mitigate the issues and follow necessary building codes to mitigate existing drainage issues and any that might be caused by any new structure. 

• Approved a right-of-entry onto Nixon lawn for crews to set up and complete an exterior renovation of the East Hall.

• Adopted an ordinance annexing a property on Ada Vista into the City.

• Approved a request by the Winnemucca Police Department to determine two vehicles owned by the department as surplus so they can be sold at public auction. 

• Heard an update regarding funds from the American Rescue Plan Act funds, which the City has just on [project utilizing the funds that has not begun yet—the downtown streetscape project. 

The project will include improvements to the downtown business area, like sidewalks and lighting, that will positively impact tourism, hospitality businesses, and many small local businesses. 

• Heard an update regarding the design of a new municipal aquatics center, for which geotechnical work has been conducted and an estimate for construction will be available at a Council meeting in April.