Council accepts proposal for bike park pump track at recreation complex

The pump track set for construction in east Winnemucca will be modeled after a park designed by American Ramp Company in Firestone, CO. 

The pump track set for construction in east Winnemucca will be modeled after a park designed by American Ramp Company in Firestone, CO. COURTESY PHOTO

Some mountain biking trails may only be suitable for more experienced riders, but a pump track — a circular, paved bike park with turns, berms, and other features — is designed to be used by anyone. 

At its regular meeting on March 5, the Winnemucca City Council approved a proposal for the design and construction of a pump track at the recreation complex in east Winnemucca, near Lowry High School.

American Ramp Company (ARC) will be designing and constructing the bike park, modeling it after a very similar project with a similar budget located in Firestone, Colo., according to City officials.

In total, the project will cost $475,000, paid out in 25 percent increments throughout the design and construction phases, which is just a portion of the $1 million that the City has designated for recreational improvement purposes through the American Rescue Plan Act funds (ARPA). 

City Manager Alicia Heiser said that ARC has done multiple projects around Nevada and near Humboldt County, which she feels help make them a good choice for the project.

The track will be paved with asphalt, fortifying it against Humboldt County’s tumultuous weather and dust, and have dirt features around the perimeter for riders of all ages, where young riders can learn and gain confidence.  

According to Heiser, the asphalt will be made of ARC’s own proprietary blend of asphalt, as opposed to a total dirt track that would require a lot of maintenance, especially after rain or other wet weather. 

Heiser also explained that the track is expected to have a very long life because of the asphalt and will not wear out like a road because there will not be any type of heavy vehicle on the track, just people on bikes, scooters, or other small-wheeled agents.

Councilman Mike Owens also agreed that the asphalt would be a great design choice because it will mean less maintenance has to be done by the City’s Parks and Recreation crew.

According to Heiser, ARC currently has an eight-to-nine-month backlog before they can officially begin the project, but the City has been able to move very quickly through the approval of the project, recognizing Winnemucca’s need for more recreation, which could advance the project. 

The City also opted out of creating another parking lot near the future bike park, instead in favor of utilizing the space to have the biggest park possible. 

Councilman Vince Mendiola said that it is a “pretty amazing project” and they are expecting it to be very high quality once completed.

The pump track is also a part of other recreational projects that the City will be using the remaining half a million in ARPA funds for, which will include an amphitheater, resurfacing of the tennis courts and pickleball courts at the recreation complex.

According to estimates, the amphitheater will cost approximately $350,000, the construction of the pickleball courts will cost $125,000, the resurfacing of the tennis courts will cost $50,000. 

Originally, the Council had considered constructing an urban pond before a pump track was suggested, but the Council agreed that significant liabilities and barriers would come with the pond, including mosquitos, and a pump track would be a better fit for the community.