Pershing General Hospital expands services with Advanced Wound Care Clinic

Pershing General Hospital is thrilled to announce the expansion of services offered to the community with the opening of the Advanced Wound Care Clinic. 

Under the expert care of Tyson McBride, PA-C, who is Board Certified by the American Board of Wound Management, and Kamin Vanguilder, MD, who is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

The Advanced Wound Care Clinic represents a significant advancement in wound care treatment options for patients in our community and surrounding areas.

Wound care is an essential aspect of healthcare, often requiring specialized attention to promote healing and prevent complications. At the Advanced Wound Care Clinic, our providers understand the critical importance of effective wound care in improving the quality of life for our patients. 

The Advanced Wound Care Clinic is designed to provide comprehensive, patient-centered, and high-quality healthcare services.

“In the Advanced Wound Care Clinic, every patient will receive a personalized treatment plan. These plans will be tailored to the patient through a thorough assessment with consideration of the specific wound type, underlying health conditions, and the patient’s unique goals and needs,” said Dr. Vanguilder.

The clinic is equipped with cutting-edge wound care technologies and treatment options, including specialized wound dressings, wound vacs, and bioengineered tissues, all of which are designed to promote effective wound healing. 

The team brings a wealth of expertise in managing complex wounds that challenge conventional healing processes with a focus on assessing and treating these challenging wounds to ensure patients receive world-class care.

“Comprehensive wound care often requires collaboration and our team works closely with specialists from a multi-disciplinary team. This approach ensures that patients receive well-rounded care with input from physicians, nutritionists, and physical therapists, among others,” explained Tyson McBride, PA-C.

In addition to treating existing wounds, our clinic places a strong emphasis on patient education and prevention. 

“We empower patients with knowledge about proper home care for wounds, lifestyle adjustments to aid in the healing process, and proactive measures to reduce the risk of future wounds,” stated Dr. Vanguilder.

“Our providers saw a need for improved, specialized wound care and set out to deliver it close to home. The team has been providing wound care services at Pershing General Hospital for more than a year, but demand has grown and the providers are meeting the call through the establishment of the Advanced Wound Care Clinic. Chronic wounds can be physically and emotionally challenging for patients, but with this specialized clinic, our providers will be empowered to provide the best possible care using the latest technology and experience in wound care management,” said Brandon Chadock, Chief Executive Officer of Pershing General Hospital.

No referral is necessary but appointments are required. 

You may schedule an appointment by calling 775-273-2621, Option 1.