Nevada Mining Association to honor educators with $150 Visa Gift Cards during Teacher Appreciation Week this month

The Nevada Mining Association (NVMA) is proud to announce its initiative to recognize the invaluable contributions of educators across the state by awarding 18 outstanding K–12 educators with $150 Visa gift cards during Teacher Appreciation Week, which will be celebrated from May 6-10.

In an effort to highlight the diverse talents and dedication of Nevada’s educators, the NVMA will select one deserving winner from each county school district as well as from the State Public Charter School system, totaling 18 recipients in all. These individuals, who represent the backbone of Nevada’s educational landscape, will be chosen to receive the tokens of appreciation for their tireless efforts in shaping the future generations.

Nominations for these prestigious awards are currently being accepted from the public, and the deadline for submission is Friday, April 5. The NVMA encourages everyone to take part in this opportunity to honor educators who have made a significant impact in their communities.

Winners will be notified during the first week of May, and nominations can be conveniently submitted online at

For more information about the Nevada Mining Association’s Teacher Appreciation Week initiative and to submit nominations, please visit

About Nevada Mining Association (NVMA):

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