Western Surgical Group to Extend Surgical Services to Humboldt General Hospital

WINNEMUCCA – Humboldt General Hospital is excited to announce a new partnership with Western Surgical Group, enhancing healthcare services for Winnemucca and surrounding communities.

Effective Sept. 31, Western Surgical Group will be providing advanced surgical care at Humboldt General Hospital, reinforcing its commitment to delivering exceptional medical services and expertise to patients in need.

Humboldt General Hospital has a history of providing quality healthcare services to rural Nevada. The collaboration with Western Surgical Group will further elevate the hospital’s reputation for quality care and innovative medical solutions. This partnership aligns perfectly with the hospital’s mission to be the leading provider of exceptional healthcare in rural Nevada. Robyn Dunckhorst, CEO of Humboldt General Hospital, expressed her enthusiasm about this new partnership: “We are happy to welcome the esteemed Western Surgical Group to our facility. This collaboration symbolizes a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to offer the highest level of medical care to our community. By joining forces, we are confident in our ability to provide state-of-the-art surgical services that meet the evolving needs of our patients.”

Western Surgical Group is a highly regarded medical practice known for its exceptional surgical expertise and dedication to patient well-being. With a team of highly skilled surgeons, including Dr. Alvaro H. Devia, Western Surgical Group has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing medical care through innovation and excellence. Dr. Devia shared his thoughts on the partnership: “We are honored and excited to extend our surgical services to Humboldt General Hospital. This collaboration provides us with the opportunity to serve the Winnemucca community and surrounding areas, bringing our specialized skills and cutting-edge techniques to enhance patient care.”

The partnership between Western Surgical Group and Humboldt General Hospital is to deliver advanced surgical solutions and comprehensive care to the local population. Together, they aim to provide a seamless and exceptional experience for patients requiring surgical interventions.

For more information about Humboldt General Hospital and Western Surgical Group, please visit their respective websites: www.hghospital.org and www.westernsurgical.com.