Protecting Northern Nevada residents from contractor scams during harsh winter weather

As harsh weather approaches Northern Nevada, it is crucial to raise awareness about the potential risks’ residents face in the aftermath of natural disasters. Illegal contractors often prey on vulnerable homeowners during these challenging times. The Nevada State Contractors Board is committed to protecting our community, particularly vulnerable individuals, such as senior residents, from contractor scams.

To shield yourself from potential scams, pay close attention to these warning signs and avoid allowing them into your home for work:

• Door-to-Door Solicitors: Stay cautious when approached by solicitors offering "free" inspections and estimates.

• Immediate Work Offers: Be wary of individuals with "extra materials" ready for immediate work at a discounted cost.

• Payment Demands: Refrain from making cash-only payments or writing checks to individuals instead of the affiliated company.

• Aggressive Sales Tactics: Steer clear of contractors using aggressive tactics that create uncomfortable interactions.

• Mismatched Information: Verify that the company details align with the Board's license information.

• Ask for License Numbers: Request the contractor's license number, displayed on contracts, bids, ads, vehicles, and their "pocket ID card." If they refuse to provide this information to you on initial contact or want your address before providing their information, cut off contact (see photo).

• Check social media profiles: Contractors sometimes advertise on social media and in community groups. Always click on the name of the person posting and check out their profile. If their "member of" date is recent or if the images used seem like stock images from a search engine, chances are good it's a scam. End the conversation.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can fortify your defenses against fraudulent schemes and make informed decisions when hiring contractors for your home.