May 2023 Marriages

May 1

Michael Ralph Budd, age 54, of Winnemucca to Ana Marquez Salazar, age 56, of Winnemucca.

May 3

Koby Alan Budy, age 33, of Winnemucca to Alexandra Lynn Koerner, age 33, of Winnemucca.

Roque Alejandro Rodriguez, age 27, of Winnemucca to Yesenia Garcia-Zamudio, age 24, of Winnemucca.

May 4

Dallas Anthony Hammond, age 37, of Winnemucca to Amy Elizabeth Ruland, age 31, of Winnemucca.

Julian Esquivel, age 21, of Winnemucca to Alexus Rosario Gomez, age 19, of Winnemucca.

May 12

Rafael Castellanos, age 32, of Winnemucca to Mercedes Cortes Villanueva, age 23, of Winnemucca.

May 15

Brett Alan Westmoreland, age 41, of Winnemucca to Sara Marie Langhans, age 24, of Winnemucca.

May 16

Jackquelyn Jean Urain, age 23, of Winnemucca to Chase Allan Anderson, age 21, of Winnemucca.

May 18

Kriston Joseph Carter, age 42, of Winnemucca to Agueda Sandoval Arellano, age 47, of Winnemucca.

May 23

Russell Dean Jr., age 58, of Winnemucca to Stacy Beth Sponsel, age 48, of Winnemucca.

May 24

Brandon Thomas Reder, age 18, of Imlay to Crystal Rose Buckmaster, age 19, of Imlay.

May 26

Magen McIntosh Dufurrena, age 37, of Oakridge, OR. to Lisa Marie Kurian, age 41, of Oakridge, OR. 

May 31

Leobardo Barrera-Gomez, age 62, of Winnemucca to Ermila Gomez-Navarrette, age 64, of Winnemucca.