Pershing County 4-H has something for everyone

4-H Car Wash held July 7th at NAPA.

4-H Car Wash held July 7th at NAPA.

Pershing County 4-H now has 22 projects available for youth to participate in. Youth learn-by-doing life skills in 4-H which teaches compassion, responsibility, leadership skills, communication skills, self-concept, team-building, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, aspiration building, goal-setting, and career development.

If you want your youth to be a successful member of society or enter the work force with skills and abilities than 4-H is for you. All projects and community service opportunities incorporate evidence-based curriculum, which means it contains educational practices that have been vetted through rigorous research. 

The UNCE Pershing County (PC) 4-H Youth Development Program currently offers 22 projects for 4-H youth ages 5-19 can participate in projects or clubs such as: Arts and Crafts, Baseball/Softball, Community (Lovelock/Imlay), Dog, Foods and Nutrition, Garden, Horse, Hot Air Balloon, Livestock (Beef, Goats, Rabbits, Sheep, and Swine), Photography, Record Book, Shooting Sports, Self-Defense, Sewing, and Snow Skiing. There is also a new club, the Chicken Club starting August 16th at 6 p.m. at the Community Center. One of our sewing leaders, Sharon Maynard, is incubating chicks which will be available for those youth who want to raise or show chickens. Kristin Barranca local chicken expert and LES teacher is willing to educate our youth and will be the leader for this new club. 

Along with the youth’s record keeping, offices served, and education acquired through being a 4-H participant there are opportunities to attend numerous events and clinics even if they are not a member of that particular project or club. The events have included but are not limited to Livestock (judging, showmanship, and butcher clinics). All youth ages 9-13 are eligible to attend the 4-H Camp located at Lake Tahoe which will be held again July of 2024; and 14-18 can 

be teen counselors. Baseball and Softball in addition to the pre-season practices offer a clinic to all youth. Shooting sports hosts workshops including an archery and trap shooting. 

The Garden club offers floral arrangements, composting, succulents, and seed starting clinics. Community Club events include: scavenger hunts, group paintings, home decorating, welding, leatherworking, roller skating, parades, dances, intergenerational activities, and movie nights. 

Furthermore, each club offers quiz bowls and fundraisers -such as an obstacle course, fashion show, exhibit (county, tri-county and state), car washes, See’s Candy sales, Rada sales and the BBQ.

Youth can acquire civic engagement experience through 4-H’s community service events which change each year. Previous year’s events have included: amending soil and planting trees, assembling military care packages, hot air ballooning with nursing home members, card making for numerous entities, apple harvesting, cleaning kennels and facilities for the county animal shelter, herb planting with the senior center, and working at an animal sanctuary- Safe Haven. 

4-H Online Enrollment starts October 25th. Parents, guardians please email extension 4-H Coordinator, Colby Burke,, call the office 775-273-2923 or go to to enroll your child in 4-H.

For more information, contact 4-H Coordinator- Colby Burke at (775) 273-2923 or email Cell Phone: (775) 842-8498 Webpage:

• Arts & Crafts– Leonna Bianchi, Laura De Los Reyes, & Megan Reynolds

• Baseball/Softball—Jared Jensen 775- 842-3705/Russell Fecht/Jesse Canchola 775-842- 9171/Wayne Maita Softball- Amanda Holland 775-530-3853 Baseball/Softball Summer Clinic Community Clubs 

• Lovelock/Imlay - Colby Burke/Liz Uhart Cooking Club – Nicole Reitz 

• Dog Club– Samira Dyer 

• Garden Club – Various Clinics - Leader Needed 

• Horse Club – Clinics/Practices- Christie Scilacci 775-442-0228 / Alyson Collins 

• Hot Air Balloon Club—Pat Irwin 775-762-9119 & Karalyn Mumm 


• Beef —Anthony Moura 775-224-2510 

• Chicken– Kristin Barranca 702-722-8823 

• Goat Club— KayCee Paredes 775-750-2123 

• Rabbits/Record -Books — Amanda Burrows 775-848-1296 

• Sheep — Amanda Holland 

• Swine Club - Paul Malay 775-316-0395 

• Photography Club – Jack Hursh 775-750-1137 

• Self Defense —Vincent Boone 775-979-3265/Jessica Bohan 

• Sewing Club – June Talcott 775-422-7721/Sharon Maynard/Cindy Portman 

• Shooting Sports —Clinics- Leader Needed 

• Snow Skiing Club – Rich Wagner 4-H 

Members must attend 75% (or 6) of the scheduled regular meetings or (6) during a 4-H year (Oct.-Sept.) as well as complete a project – report, and a demonstration in order to receive annual credit and compete in 4-H county and state competitions. Pee Wees are not eligible to sell livestock animals at the Pershing County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale.