Judicial council says lack of foster care is a dire situation

The Sixth Judicial District Court Community Improvement Council presented a report to Humboldt County Commissioners regarding the state of the child welfare system in Humboldt County and Winnemucca to the Council. 

According to the Court Community Improvement Council, there are only three foster homes in Humboldt County, all of which are completely full, and one having just been approved Sept. 2.

 Children in need of temporary or long-term foster care have to be housed hundreds of miles away. Foster homes and families are desperately needed. To learn more about how to become a foster parent visit dcfs.state.nv.us. 

In other news from the Sept. 6 commission meeting: 

• Humboldt County Comptroller, Gina Rackley, presented an update in regards to current revenues and expenditures. 

Rackley explained that after receiving consolidated taxes from June, the County is down two percent exactly from the previous fiscal year. Mining, construction, and special trade contractor revenues are up, but other areas have had double digit reductions — which may be a sign of some recession— according to Rackley. 

• The Commissioners approved a request to install a new HVAC system in the Denio Community Hall in a unanimous vote. 

• The Commissioners approved minutes from previous meetings and expenditures for Humboldt County from Aug. 22 through Sept. 6. 

• Sept. 16 was declared Prisoner of War/ Missing in Action (POW/MIA) Day in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the War Against Terror.

• A request by the Buildings and Grounds Department to replace a burnt out compressor was approved. 

• A public hearing in regards to zone changes was held, where zone change requests by the Regional Planning Commission were submitted on behalf of Daniel & Kathleen Brooks, Stacy D. Miller, T Quarter Circle Ranches, LLC, of the Bureau of Land Management were all approved. Commissioner Ken Tipton abstained from the request on behalf of T Quarter Circle Ranches, LLC.

• A public hearing was held in regards to a nuisance complaint against a Golconda resident. 

After discussion with Humboldt County Sheriff Elect, Angel Cardenas, it was determined that the nuisance had been abated and no further action was necessary. 

• Humboldt County Public Works Director, Don Kalkoske, presented an update to the Board in regards to current road projects. According to Kalkoske, issues with a cattle guard on Herschel Road had been fixed and other projects were progressing as well. 

•Humboldt County Communications/TV Director, Ric Grantham, presented requests from the Technical Services Department to purchase computer equipment to replace computers with expired warranty, out of service or new hardware, network switches from ConvergeOne, the purchase of a TMon LNX (S/N 9290) Hardware Refresh from DPS Telecom, to make a bundled purchase of Public Safety Communication Site Shelters from Thermobond Buildings for the Double H site and Eagle Creek and McDermitt sites, proceeding with the purchasing processes for a Snow Cat, and a lease agreement for a Public Safety Communication Relay Site on Toby and Kristee Brinkerhoff’s ranch.

Commissioners tabled the request for proceeding with the purchasing processes for a Snow Cat and approved the purchase of Public Safety Communication Site Shelters from Thermobond Buildings for the McDermitt site only. 

The rest of the requests were approved unanimously. 

• The Commissioners approved the appointment of Michael D. Coldiron as the new Building Official.

Commissioner Tom Hoss tuned in virtually.