Seven Troughs building concept released

Seven Troughs building concept released

Seven Troughs building concept released

The Seven Troughs Distilling Company is a step closer to reality with last week’s publication of the first architectural concept. The drawing indicates the Windmill building will undergo a major transformation before it is home to the first local liquor production business in recent history.

Seven Troughs owner Tom Adams has closed his Sparks operation in order to open a bigger distillery and tasting room in Lovelock although the time frame is unknown. He may buy locally grown wheat, corn, barley and other grains as he constantly fine tunes the taste of his products. Tourists drawn to the whiskey business could benefit surrounding restaurants and retail stores.

Adams said the 75-year-old Windmill building needs much more than a facelift in order to meet modern building codes. Electrical wiring, plumbing and other components need replacement and a fire sprinkler system is needed meaning big investments in a county-owned building. Earlier this year, Adams signed a six-month lease on the structure with Pershing County.

“The building is hammered. It needs everything,” he said. “Mechanical, electrical, plumbing. For all intents and purposes, it’s a gut job. It’s not up to codes, it’s not functional. Everything will have to get replaced, everything. It will have to be rehabilitated prior to putting it into use.”

The roof is in “okay shape” but it will also be replaced to enhance the “architectural appeal.”  

As usual, Adams was vague about the financial situation but said investors are stepping up. 

“We’re getting some financial commitments wrapped up. We’re not there yet but we’re working on that and we expect to have more good news in the near future.”

More architectural drawings are in the works as the project evolves, Adams said.

“The first drawing is a proposed exterior. There will be some modifications as we get finalized architectural renderings but the concept is there,” he said. “The other update is we’re working on getting the other architectural renderings done and a three dimensional model so that should be forthcoming in the next three weeks. The interior design is still being worked on.”

The initial drawing shows that the building’s main entrance will face in the opposite direction.  

“You know where the rear loading dock is and the roll up doors? We’re turning that into the front of the building,” Adams explained. “We’re going to flip the customer access to that side of the building, the Safeway side of the building. That will be the front entrance.”

Adams presented the architectural drawing at last month’s Downtown Visioning Workshop.

“Everyone that we’ve shown it to so far likes the concept,” he said. “We’re certainly tying in the old historic aspect of the Seven Troughs Mining District and our shared mining history with a modern, functional building. I think the architect has done a great job doing so.” 

As for a time frame for when Seven Troughs will be in production and tourists will be tasting the whiskey, that remains unknown, Adams said. But, the architectural concept is a good sign.

“I don’t have an answer for that. It’s all things in good time. We do expect a permanent set of architectural drawings within about six weeks. And, it’s always more permits needed.”

The first visual concept for Seven Troughs Distilling was good news for Heidi Lusby-Angvick, Executive Director of the Pershing County Economic Development Authority (PCEDA).

“Attached you will find the artist’s rendering of what the public entrance to Seven Troughs Distilling will look like,” she said in an email. “We are pleased to be working with Converse Consultants and Bowen Studios on creating the vision for Seven Troughs Distilling. The other sides of the building are being discussed now on how they will look and we expect to have those pictures in the next several weeks.”

The public can check out a large copy of the Seven Troughs Distilling architectural concept that is displayed outside the PCEDA Office at Lovelock City Hall, Lusby-Angvick said. More to come.