Second annual scholarship awards light up the night

Second annual scholarship awards light up the night

Second annual scholarship awards light up the night

Dixie McKay is deciding what she’ll sing to set the mood. Corinne Nelson is busy making centerpieces for the tables. Everyone is getting ready for the second annual PCHS scholarship night.

It’s sponsored by Coeur Rochester on Thursday, May 26 at  the community center. It begins at 6 p.m. 

The Pershing County Commissioners will donate the room like they did last year. Julie Myers will cater a meal that has people going back for seconds. 

The donors choose the students based on academic merit, letters of reference and good citizenship, including volunteerism. Last year they handed over $55,000 in scholarship money to the award recipients.

The fire department, alumni association and Lovelock Paiute Tribe each sent representatives to personally deliver the awards. So did American Legion Post #6, the Pershing County Chukars, Coeur Rochester, the Masons, Street Fever Car Club and many more.

The school board pooled part of their stipends. ,   

Last year, Reynolds awarded scholarships to three valedictorians - Connie Kersnowski, Jordan Gentry and Tim Fecht. They were each student athletes. This year’s valedictorians, Kylee Fuller and Devin Moura, follow suit.

Moura is one of the NIAA’s top ten student athletes of the year. Fuller is known for her kind spirit and willingness to help others, including the middle school track team.

Awards night used to be part of the graduation ceremony, slated for June 4 this year. Principal Jonathan Reynolds decided to separate the two events. People say they like the more streamlined ceremonies. It’s a tradition in the making.