Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office awarded $38,000 in grant funding to enhance training

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is the first recipient of the Nevada Gold Mines Community Based Grant funding program, and after the application process was awarded $38,000.00 in funding.

The awards of these funds has allowed for the Sheriff’s Office to obtain a Laser Shot LSATS Use of Force Simulation machine to assist in training deputies and officers in the Humboldt County region.  

Virtual reality training simulators are an excellent means of achieving training goals for law enforcement agencies. Not every scenario ends with a “shoot” outcome. 

Scenarios can be resolved by means other than force, and virtual reality scenarios provide an excellent means of testing an officer’s ability to use persuasive verbal commands and Crisis Intervention Team techniques.

Virtual reality scenario training offers a safe, portable, and cost-effective option for local agencies to make sure their deputies and officers are prepared to handle life-or-death incidents in the real world.

Better training will provide for more positive outcomes when deputies and officers are faced with high-stress incidents. 

Our goal with this system is to improve our citizen – deputy contacts and provide professional, ongoing training for the deputies who serve our community.