April 2022 Divorces

The following individuals were granted divorces recently by the Humboldt County Clerk: 

April 1

Jose Ignacio Aguilar Sanchez from Elva Mesa Hernandez

Jade Jimenez form Kevin Jimenez

Catherine Rue De Lara from Shierman Cruto De Lara

April 4

Corinna Mullins form Kevin Lee Mullins

April 6

John Campbell Meteer from Alexandra Simone Meteer

April 7

Trula Wright form Gregory Wright

Cheramie Creer Lavarez from Gideon Ang Lavarez 

Artelleau Ruth McCloud from  Brandon Perry Mulvaney

Maria Ninnia Reyes Agaloos from Frank Celeres Agaloos

Pedro Damian Beltran-Dominguez from Maria De Lourdes Valazquez-Ramier

April 14

Bianca Shaw form Edward Shaw

April 15

Rachel Dawn Wilbur from Branden Matthew Hart

April 18

Brittany Ann Taylor from Jesse Russell Taylor

Jesus Herrera from Christina Herrera

April 20

Alicia Antonia Almaraz from Antonio Arista Almaraz

April 25

Gabriela Foster from Jerome Lavelle Foster

Kyandra West-Murad from Minherve Murad

April 29

Jesse Mel Crenshaw from Rose Marie Crenshaw