Farmer’s market brings vendors to downtown

Farmer’s market brings vendors to downtown

Farmer’s market brings vendors to downtown

It’s bringing locally-harvested fresh produce, handmade arts and crafts, and deliciously unique food vendors to a centralized, convenient location. The 2022 Winnemucca Farmer’s Market will run every Saturday from June 4 to Aug. 20, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Winner’s Casino parking lot, according to Winnemucca Farmer’s Market (WFM) Executive Director, Aryn Williams. The authentic taste of a freshly harvested fruit or veggie is incomparable to those that are picked up at the grocery store, and is a major draw to the local farmer’s market. 

“Winnemucca’s growing season brings challenges to our produce availability,” Williams explained, but assured that the WFM “definitely wants more of that, because that’s what people want: fresh produce.” 

 WFM has two produce vendors so far, but there is still time for more produce vendors to reserve their spot at the market, with the proper licensing and permits required. 

“Although our produce vendors are limited, we have a lot of new vendors this year, plus a wide variety, from homemade crafts, to mobile boutiques, food vendors, and metal work,” Williams said.

This year’s opening day, June 4th, will be among the biggest of the summer, according to Williams, and the WMF is hoping to have every vendor there for the opening day, and the Welcome Booth will be giving away brochures and grab bags.  

Williams added that “every Saturday will be different,” and different vendors will be at the market every week and some food vendors will also have varying menus each Saturday, making each day an opportunity to try something new. 

Fah Tai and City Girl Buns, two food vendors that will be at the market this year, will be among those that will have different food choices each Saturday, according to Williams. 

“Fah Tai will have a different menu every week, and City Girl Buns always has a fun menu and comes out with new flavors all the time,” she said. Each provides an excuse to try something savory and sweet.

Williams added that comfort is a major theme this summer, so there will be new tent shelters for shade, tables to eat at, water for sale at the Welcome Booth, more chairs for seating and even a dog station, where pets can cool off and get a drink.

She said “people would bring their pets out last year and they were burning their feet.” 

Williams hopes that these new features will keep people at the market for longer and make people—and their pets— feel more comfortable. 

Supporting small businesses is a substantial part of the community and is directly significant to Williams, as she is a small business owner and operator in her free time. Her mobile boutique, Marin & Co. will also be at the market, selling handcrafted clothing and accessories. Having moved to Winnemucca from Texas in April of last year, Williams hopes to procure an exceptional event and create a space where local businesses can flourish. Supporting those mom and pop shops is a primary motivator for Wiliams. 

“In the town I’m from, we always had farmer’s markets and the event itself, which supports the small businesses and the farmers, is really important,” she said.

 For more information or questions  please email, or visit the Winnemucca Famrer’s Market Facebook page to print vendor applications.