New website launch kicks off DMV transformation effort

CARSON CITY – Motorists visiting the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has gone live with an all-new redesigned website at

“We think customers are going to be very pleased with the look and feel of the new web site,” said Nevada DMV Director Julie Butler. “It’s really our flagship of better things to come for DMV customers.”

The DMV website will be known as going forward. Most government agencies have adopted this standard in web addresses. Unveiled on the new website is also the new Nevada DMV logo, a transformative and forward-moving design consistent with the agency mission and vision to be a national leader in DMV services.

The DMV today held a news conference to show the new site and make a formal public announcement of the Nevada DMV Transformation Effort. Transformation is a four-year, $114 million investment to fundamentally change the way the agency does business with customers.

Butler said the primary goal of the Transformation Effort is to gradually expand online services so that most transactions can be completed from the website.

“The idea is to create an online marketplace where everything you need to do is at your fingertips and you don’t need to come into a DMV office unless you have a complicated transaction or need a service like a drive exam,” she said.

The department will not be building a new computer system to launch at some future date. Rather, customers will see one new online service added at a time over the next four years. 

The DMV and its partners will be rebuilding the agency’s customer service and IT infrastructure on the Salesforce platform, a proven technology that is in use by thousands of companies worldwide. 

The Department has contracted with two other firms that are also experts in what is called “agile” infrastructure development. Slalom is customizing Salesforce for the DMV and Mission Critical Partners is providing oversight and quality assurance.

Other important partners in the DMV Transformation Effort are the DMV staff, stakeholders such as auto dealers, and the public. 25 senior DMV employees are being promoted to work directly on the project. 

The DTE team already has conducted dozens of interviews with front-line employees and outside stakeholders since the program got underway in October 2021.

Butler said customer feedback has been a crucial part of developing the Transformation Effort. An online survey in December 2021 collected more than 18,000 responses from the public on the changes they’d like to see happen with Nevada DMV.

Making more services available online to minimize time spent at a DMV office was at the top of the list of wants. Customers also said they valued data security, straight-forward technology, and efficient transactions that are convenient, easy and quick to complete.

Butler said those survey results dovetail with the DMV’s goals.  The DMV and its partners have been working out a road map of priorities for individual projects. Beginning in April, the Transformation teams will begin building actual new services.  

“Nevada DMV is committed to making continuous improvements and innovations,” Butler said. “The gradual approach gives us flexibility to anticipate changing needs and proactively respond to them.”

Although the Transformation Effort will make most DMV services available online, DMV offices will still be operating to handle complex transactions and provide services like driver testing and vehicle inspections. Self-service kiosks will also continue operating for on-the-go customers or those without internet access.

Butler said getting in and out of a DMV office should be less time-consuming as the improved efficiency and enhanced security of the agency’s new web site catches on with customers. The employees will also be empowered to help customers in new ways through Salesforce. 

“As more of our customers discover the benefits of doing transactions online, there will be fewer people who need to visit a DMV office,” she said. “That will mean shorter wait times for in-person business.”

Log on to and check out the new Nevada DMV!