2022 Denio BBQ and Arena Events Results

2022 Denio BBQ and Arena Events Results

2022 Denio BBQ and Arena Events Results

Jr/Sr Team Branding

1. Blake, Clint, Jake & Martie Powers

2. Maddox Norris, Roan McBride, Cashe Davis, Kasey McBride

3. MattieRose Johnson, Clint Powers, Buck & Lane Johnson 

4. Blake Powers, MattieRose Johnson, Jake Powers, Buck Johnson  

5. Maddox Norris, Zoe Weagant, James Norris, Todd Weagant

Open Team Branding

1. Cashe Davis, Jesse Estill,  Josh Prom, Fermin Valenzuela

2. Cashe Davis, Jesse Estill, Dave Boyles, Mike Johns

3. Hannah Ballantyne, Josh Prom, Chris Baird,  Morgan Weigand

Jr/Sr Team Roping

1. Zoe  Weagant and Todd Weagant

2. Zoe Weagant and Kassi Defenbaugh

Open Team Roping

1. Chris Baird and Adam Weigand

 2. Nolan Edwards and Kenny Haigh

 3. Kenny Haigh  and Alex Defenbaugh


All Around Cowgirl, BobiRose Buckingham

All Around Cowboy, Jhett Weagant 

0-3 Age Group 

1. Hadley Smith

2.  Elise Chambers 

3. Wyatt Davies

4-6 Age Group 

1. Jhett Weagant 

2. BobiRose Buckingham

3. Bason Henricks

7-9 Age Group 

1. Brooke Powers

2. Eliza Weagant 

3. Jake Montero 

10-12 Age Group 

1. Zoe Weagant 

2. Nevada Norton

3. Jacob Potter

13-15 Age Group 

1. Madison Norris 

2. Ava Frey

3. Lilly Wratchford

Denio BBQ and Arena Events Board would like to thank all of their sponsors!