Humboldt County for the record

On June 6, WPD booked Anthony Aragon, 21, for domestic battery first offense – simple. Bail $3,000. 

On June 7, WPD booked Kevin Barner, 40, for failure to appear. Bail $275. 

On June 9, HCSO booked Beebie Spence, 21, for reckless driving, DUI first offense, failure to stop/eluding while under the influence of alcohol. Bail $7,030. 

On June 13, HCSO booked Tabitha Counterman, 18, for driver evade upon signal of peace officer and reckless driving. Bail $1,530. 

Union Township Justice Court

Items in the Court Docket are compiled from public records contained in the Union Township Justice Court and the Sixth Judicial District Court. The Great Basin Sun reports all felony hearings, misdemeanor convictions and dismissals for which the court releases information. 

Union Township Justice Court

On June 2, due to compliance the charges against Marcus Ward Phipps for driving while license is cancelled, suspended or revoked and using handheld wireless communications device to engage in voice communication without use of hands-free device were dismissed. 

On June 2, the charge of abuse, neglect or endangerment of child against Montana Francis Elm was dismissed due to completion of all programs order by the court. 

On June 3, the charge of possession of controlled substance against Samantha Raynn was dismissed. In a separate case, Samantha Raynn pleaded no contest to unlawful use of controlled substance. The court ruled: fined $75 + $55 AA, fines and fees converted to jail time and given credit for time served. Pursuant to negotiation the court dismissed possession of drug paraphernalia. 

On June 7, the charge of unsafe lane change against Gurpreet Singh was dismissed due to the witness in the matters refusal to appear in court. Bail has been exonerated. 

On June 7, Michael Jonathon Mclean pleaded guilty to resisting public officer. The court ruled: fined $1,000 + $140AA, defendant was given credit for time served of 4 days, the remaining $540 fine was suspended for a period of 3 months on the condition there are no new like violations. Pursuant to negotiation the additional charge of domestic battery first offense was dismissed. Bail exonerated.

On June 7, pursuant to negotiation and proof of insurance provided by Tanner James Chapel the charges of no proof of insurance and follow too closely were dismissed. In a separate case, Tanner James Chapel pleaded guilty to driving under the influence first offense. The court ruled: sentenced to 90 days jail with 88 stayed for a period of one year, stayed jail time on the condition he serve two days, credit tie served for 8 hours and the remaining 40 hours to be served within 30 days. Defendant was fined $400 + $125AA + $60 Forensic fee, defendant agreed to bail forfeiture to pay fines and fees. DUI School, victim impact panel are to be completed and a breath interlock device was ordered for 185 days. Bail is exonerated.