City council recognizes new chief of police

The Winnemucca Chief of Police oversees the safety and complex inner workings of the police department and the city, which is no easy task, but the new Chief of Police said he is up to the challenge. 

“I appreciate the opportunity and honor of serving as the Chief of Police,” said Rangel in a meeting.

Mike Rangel will officially take the role as Chief of Police on June 17 at an official swear-in at City Hall at 4 p.m., but at the City Council’s meeting on June 7, the Mayor and Council confirmed Rangel’s appointment to the position. 

The Council members agreed that Rangel was the man for the job. 

Councilman Vince Mendiola said, “I want to say congratulations to Mike. I think he’ll do a fine job,” during the meeting. 

Rangel has worked in law enforcement since January 4, 1999, just over two decades, and regards himself as an individual that finds tremendous value in knowledge and communication. He was born and raised in Winnemucca and has raised all three of his sons in Winnemucca, with his wife, Griselda Rangel. He said that being an officer has always given him something to strive for in life and a sense of purpose, as has his family.

The sense of unity and family-like qualities amongst the officers in the department are also a key factor in the development of the police department, according to Rangel,  and he explained that his management philosophy revolves around people. 

“My philosophy is employee development. I believe that personnel development is the number one asset we have,” said Rangel. 

With decades of experience on the job, Advanced Post Certification, a Masters of Business Administration in Human Resources and a Minor in Business, Rangel  plans to use his experience to foster “confidence, competence, good social interactions, and good decision-making skills” within the department to produce “efficient and effective officers”.  

“I want people to learn and enjoy working here, and be able to leave with more knowledge than they came in with,” said Rangel. 

Rangel explained the difficulties that departments within the region are having with technological crimes, an overall lack of technological advancements, and how current Police Chief, Dave Garrison, and himself have discussed the types of improvements they have both desired for the department. 

“I want to get the department up to date technologically,” said Rangel. 

Garrison will officially retire on July 4th and Rangel will step into the position on July 5th, with Garrison’s full support.

“I thank you all for confirming Mike. He’s a good choice,” Garrison assured the City Council.