Lovelock softball winds down season

Lovelock softball winds down season

Lovelock softball winds down season

Last Thursday the Wolf Pack knocked off Brew Crew (24-4). 

The Wolf Pack became the only undefeated (11-0) team out of the eight that play at Lovelock’s McDougal Park on Mondays and Thursdays. 

That includes the three-time defending champs, Wet N Wild. They had a rough week, dropping two games.

All of the players are faced with a fiery obstacle, the hot weather. They stay hydrated and push through, sometimes playing in triple-digit temperatures.

The season ends on July 28. By then, each team will have played 15 games. Many of the players have been with the co-ed league since its beginning in 2018. Their experience shows on the field.

In 2018, Jim’s Point S won the championship.

In 2019, Jared Jensen took over as league president. 

Wet N Wild grabbed the title from Jim’s Point S, then known as the Swingers. Wet N Wild held onto the trophy in 2020 and 2021 for a three-peat. 

However, there’s always the possibility of a wild card. In last year’s semifinals, the Second Stringers beat the Wolf Pack by one point in what Jensen called “the game of the tournament.” The Stringers scored three runs in the final inning, pulled off the win and entered the championship match where they suffered a lopsided loss to Thick N Wild (20-2).

“We have a lot more balance between the top and middle teams this season,” Jensen said.

The teams show resilience, often rebounding from defeat.

“Brew Crew had a rough week but will be looking to bounce back,” said LSA board member Sean Luna.

In Lovelock adult softball, anything can happen and probably will.