Over the moon

Over the moon

Over the moon

Twenty-eight shooters threw over 3,600 targets at the Flying Saucer Trap Club’s Fourth of July trap shoot. 

The club awarded 20 buckles to the various categories - ladies, men, youths and veterans (over 65). 

The event took place on Saturday, July 2.

The Moon family brought home two buckles. Jaylin, 14, won the youth high overall. Her father, James Moon, won the A handicap championship. He taught Jaylin how to shoot.

In the handicap shoot, the top singles shooters back off from the 16-yard line to give everyone else a head start.

Last Tuesday, the club elected a new officer – Steve Pilon. He joins Mike Schottel (president), Dave Bequette (vice president), Steve Foster (secretary), Bobby Reeves (officer) and Casey Keil (officer). Founding member Mike DeWitt is an honorary officer.

Shotgun enthusiasts started the Flying Saucer in 1956, making it the oldest active trap shoot club in Nevada. They’re planning their next shoot in November. 

“We’ll wait and see what the prizes are. I like to keep the entry fee to $5. We’ve had that price forever,” Schottel said.