The hesitancy is reasonable. The disinformation is not.

The hesitancy is reasonable.  The disinformation is not.

The hesitancy is reasonable. The disinformation is not.

Yes, there are things that we should be hesitant about. Getting vaccinated is not one of them. Let’s look at the latest disinformation in the Guest Commentary.

First, you need to learn what unalienable rights are. And it’s you taking them away, not others. Refusing to wear masks or take a safe vaccine harms others. As for your continued opinion about the Nuremberg Code, please see the following facts:

There are literally hundreds of additional sites that say the same thing. The only place not saying it is Facebook.

You again lie about Comirnaty. That is what the Pfizer vaccine is now called. It has been available in the U.S. since its name was changed. It’s the same vaccine. Why the lie? (Many many more additional sites) So the Comirnaty shot is available, no matter what Ann Nelson tells you. 

Last but not least, your data. What is the source? The pages you listed? Believe you actually did all that research? No, because listing people that died after getting the vaccine from something is far different that dying because they got the vaccine. Let’s just look at one of your claims. That 3,838 people developed Thrombocytopenia. J&J is the only shot that has had that side effect. According to the CDC out of 17.5 million doses, there are 57 confirmed reports. That data is from the same place you claim yours came from.

Bottom line? 

The Nuremberg Code doesn’t apply. Check the facts.

Comirnaty is just a name change. If you go right now to get a Pfizer shot in the U.S., you will get Comirnaty. (Don’t believe me? Ask your pharmacist or doctor.)

Check sources. Not take them at face value.

Tim Hahn

Lovelock, NV