Lovelock Industrial Park study underway

Lovelock Industrial Park study underway

Lovelock Industrial Park study underway

A federal study could help attract new commercial activity to the Lovelock Industrial Park. The EPA technical assistance grant is funding an economic, labor and “market positioning” study and could provide “tactical marketing materials” to generate renewed interest in the site.

For years, industries have come and gone leaving vacant warehouses, manufacturing and production facilities including two greenhouses. If growth continues to the west and east, local leaders believe entrepreneurs could be searching for alternative sites such as Pershing County.

“Nevada has changed immensely in the past decade and business opportunities are expanding along the I-80 corridor for a host of reasons,” said Ted Bendure, a member of the Pershing County Economic Development Authority (PCEDA) Advisory Board.

EPA issued the grant in October, 2021 to contractor Vito Nuevo “to organize and facilitate data collection and interpretation of relevant economic and labor market indices then assist with applying and presenting results in an easy-to-read format.” 

The market study is expected to be finished with the results available by March, 2022 according to the Western Nevada Development District, a non-profit group that works with PCEDA, the City of Lovelock and Nevada 95-80 Regional Development Authority.

WNDD officials believe nearby industrial projects already in the works could benefit the Lovelock Industrial Park such as a l lithium mine in Humboldt County and West Coast Salmon, a land-based fish farm that could be built near Cosgrave in north Pershing County. 

“The study will determine if and how the industrial park can serve suppliers and vendors for these upcoming projects, which are set to break ground within the year,” states WNDD.

According to the WNDD announcement, the study will identify the Lovelock Industrial Park’s “strengths and shortcomings”, identify economic and labor market variables, provide a framework for marketing materials and find potential industrial park development partners.

In the past, limitations on industrial growth included limited power supplies, a local shortage of skilled workers, limited housing for workers and management and limited internet access.

But, the Lovelock Industrial Park offers room for growth in a rural environment with affordable real estate, low traffic, an uncrowded airport and plenty of isolated backcountry to explore.