Winnemucca Police Blotter

On December 30, WPD arrested Kriston Carter, age 41, on misdemeanor domestic battery, first offense simple. 

   Bail $1,140.

On January 3, HCSO arrested Kody Randall Harris, age 19, on misdemeanor violation of a temporary protection order. 

    Bail $3,000

 On January 5, WPD arrested Jared Alan Holm, age 34, on misdemeanor driving with a revoked driver’s license. 

         Bail $355.

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On January 5, WPD cited and released Ralph Virgil, age 64, on misdemeanor petit larceny. 

 On January 6, WPD arrested Delmer Lee Nelson, age 73, on felony failure to appear and probation violation. 

    Bail $85,000. 

On January 6, WPD arrested Harley Jackson, age 78, on felony and misdemeanor charges of trespass and intimidating a public officer.

      Bail $2,695. 

On January 6, HCSO arrested Jared Holm, age 34, on felony possession of a schedule I substance (x2), possession of drug paraphernalia, open alcohol container in vehicle and driving on a revoked license. 

                              Bail $41,635. 

On January 10, HCSO arrested Steven Bradley Wright, age 32, on two violations of possession of a controlled substance, using or being under the influence of a controlled substance, tail lamp violation and stop lamp violation. 

                             Bail $15,150. 

On January 10, HCSO arrested Steven Bradley Wright, age 32, on a felony failure to appear bench warrant. No bail.