Man ordered drug court on suspended prison sentence

Man ordered drug court on suspended prison sentence

Man ordered drug court on suspended prison sentence

Gavin Paul Parry, age 19, was ordered to complete the Humboldt County Drug Court program as a probation requirement for a drug felony and stolen property felony conviction.

Parry’s attorney, Alternate Public Defender Derrick Penney asked the court to allow the opportunity at drug court, as Parry was evaluated and reported to have use disorders associated with alcohol and cocaine. 

“Mr. Parry had a substance evaluation done, we do have that now,” said Penney. “That would make him eligible for consideration for the drug court program, we have submitted an application for the drug court program and that would be our recommendation.”

Penney said Parry is a local resident in Winnemucca and has the support of his family in the community. 

Humboldt County District Attorney Michael Macdonald said that the plea negotiations recommend drug court and if he successfully completes the drug court program, be able to have a gross misdemeanor on the possession of stolen property charge rather than a felony. 

Parry apologized for his actions during his allocution statement, “I’m sorry for my actions and I hope I can do drug court and better myself.” 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero said that Parry presented the court with a very difficult decision to make (prison or probation) and said that although Parry has no other adult criminal history, the stolen weapon charge included having a loaded 9 millimeter pistol under his seat and an outer vest body armor in the vehicle he was found in. 

The category D stolen weapons charge carries a potential for one to four years in prison and maximum $5,000 fine. 

On the weapons charge, Parry was ordered to 18-48 months in prison, suspended on the condition that he serve 24 months of probation, pay a $153 DNA collection and  analysis fee, $25 administrative assessment fee and $1,200 restitution. 

As a condition of probation on the weapons charge, Parry will serve 364 days in jail, with 127 days given credit for time served. 

On the category E felony drug charge, Parry was ordered to successfully complete the Humboldt County Adult Drug Court program and pay a $500 public defender fee, $3 DNA analysis fee, $60 forensic fee and $25 administrative assessment fee. 

“”For I believe good reason, this is the type of conduct that we don’t want to condone in a civilized society,” said Montero. “At 19 years old you should be appreciative of this opportunity to avoid prison but if you don’t complete that, this will be the court’s only remedy,” said Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero.