A puppy perspective

A puppy perspective

A puppy perspective

Hi. It's Saturday morning in mid February on the high desert territory of south eastern Nevada. And a bright, pleasant, peaceful morning it is too.

We are about a month and a half into 2022 already. Can you believe it? The weeks, months and seasons seem to fly by while we cling to our merry-go-round lives and watch our world as it gently  rotates. 

Cycles and seasons and perfectly good reasons to be here and do what we do.

All around town friends can be found, smiles and "Hi. How are you?

However, my thoughts today are on our most true, honest and loving friends; our animals and pets. 

We have deer wandering all through town in search of water and some edible vegetation. But it's all dried up and fading away being that we haven't had any meaningful rain here in months. 

They (the deer) stop and look at us humans from a few feet away. They have large, sad, hungry eyes. Their big ears stand straight up. We humans seem as odd and unusual to them as they do to us. 

But they have memories of apples and other delicious fruit once offered from us to them. They have fond hopes this may occur again. And they feel the attraction and affectionate pull between our separate species. But they dare not cross that line which separates us. We also know we can not, and should not domesticate them. 

But kitties and puppy dogs seem to have no hesitation. They very readily cross that line of separation between human and animal as they bound into our hearts and emotions. They know we need love, affection and companionship, as do they. And they are eager to share it. 

This brings back memories of a visit I paid to an animal shelter some time ago. 

All kinds of sweet loving dogs leaped up and licked my hands through the metal grill. They barked and whined and pleaded... "Pick me. Please take me home. I'll protect and love you forever".

The loneliness and longing for human companionship in their sad eyes was heartbreaking. It truly struck me. They have devoted their short lives to please, help and protect humans. They are at our mercy and love us regardless of how we treat them. In their efforts to make us happy they become almost like our children. Far too many get abused, mistreated and abandoned. 

In our "throw away society" some people consider they can dispose of their best friends. They may rationalize... "Oh it's just a dog. He eats so much, I can't afford to feed him. My manager does not allow pets. I don't have time to give him the attention he needs." 

Would you say that about your child? Would you put a value on the tender love and affection you receive from him or her?

The many humanlike qualities are evident in our pets caring responsibility and protection for their human owners. Their kindness and love deserves a pat on the head and a little attention in return. 

I see animals, birds and critters filling in the backdrop of our everyday lives as they brighten up our environment. There is the cry of the eagle, the growl of the bear and the call of the coyote. There are sweet singing birds perched atop the trees in the early morning. There are croaking frogs and very noisy crickets. It's impossible, you might say, to convey all this into words and individual stories. 

But let's just start with our household pet and see if we can translate some of his thoughts, feelings and desires. 

"Hi. I'm Scruffie. You know that. That's the name you gave me. And I so much want to tell you how much I love you. I'm so, so happy you've taken me into your home, your family and your heart. 

Being that I can not speak English, I try to communicate with my enthusiasm, my affection and the wags of my tail. I wish we were better in touch telepathically. I would tell you of my happiness being with you. Your smiles, greetings and pats on my head fill my life with joy. When you're away my days are long, sad and lonely. But I know when you're coming home to me. I can sense your return from miles away. 

I promise to be your friend, companion, child and protector. I will ward off strangers, evil cats, dogs of the neighborhood and monsters of the night. I would gladly give my life to save and defend you. 

I know your deep feelings of affection for me and I treasure them. But still it is so nice to hear you actually utter them. I can understand English better than you think. I try my best to adapt my life to your world. I'm so sorry I don't always get it right. Just let me know what you want and I'll do my best to comply. 

I thank you for this warm, comfortable home in the winter, shade from the hot sun in the summer and always the bowl of water on the floor. Thank you for all the great meals on a regular schedule. Thank you for your love and attention, but you know I always want more. 

If I were to list my desires other than always wanting to run, jump and play, I might say please don't take me to that fellow with the white coat you call the vet any more. And when you're out in the world during the day, please don't stay away so long. 

You know I don't want to be a bother, but one last thing, I would give my right front paw for a piece of bacon!

I love you, I love you, I love you".