Together again

Together again

Together again

Good morning Isabella and how are you on this lovely bright morning?

Yes, it's bright already. I'm awake and no, I was not thinking of you right here and now. But you know you're never far from my thoughts. You are my ever present angel. You're a warm tenderness of comfort and love. You know you keep me going.

But enough of this mush. Gotta get moving. I gotta get up and run to the bathroom now. I'll throw a couple of logs on the fire, then come back to bed for a while and we can lay here together till our little cabin warms up. It's a fierce cold outside.

Chickens? Oh they can wait. They're always hungry. 

I just let Rufus out and he tore off up the hill like a flash. I think he's chasing an imaginary rabbit. I hope he catches it and brings it back to us. Then we can have eggs and toast and imaginary rabbit for breakfast. 

Oh look at that. I'm drifting off and dreaming again. It's my stomach that's doing it to me I swear. I still think of steak and eggs, beans and toast in the morning. I can almost smell and savor them. Sometimes I think I can hear the eggs sizzle in the pan. 

Well get up, get up you lazy old man. Isabella, you can lay there and rest. I'll put on the coffee and do my chores. These old bones are stiff and sore this morning, but a bit of motion and hot coffee will get them going. 

The radio was going about another storm supposed to be coming in from the north with a fair chance of snow. I say let it come. We can use the moisture. I already patched up the fence and the shed wall from the last storm. We'll be alright. We'll manage to survive a bit longer, my dear. 

Sure, I know the kids and grandkids are right about us being too old and frail to go on living much longer out here far away from civilization. I really do appreciate their concern. It's good to know they care. But they've got to put an end to this foolishness. No assisted living for me, thank you very much. No big city full of strangers who don't give a damn about me. They can keep their crime, pollution and constant traffic noise. I don't want it!

That's okay Isa. Sorry about that. I'm settling down and I'll be alright now.

I know you don't drink coffee anymore. But I couldn't get up and get going in the cold without it. 

What? What's all that racket? Hey look, Rufus is back and all out of breath. He's happy as a lark but minus his rabbit. I'm glad he had fun and a good run. 

Hey, you know honey, when the weather gets nice again, maybe around March, you and I and old Rufus can head off for a bit. What do you think? We can throw a few things in the camper and drive off to see the outside world. It would be great to see the kids. And our grandkids; I want to see their beautiful smiling faces before they're all grown up. 

I'd love to visit our old friends again. We sure owe it to them after all our promises in our Christmas cards. It would be such a thrill, wouldn't it Isa?

And we don't have to sleep in sleeping bags in the back of our pickup like we did in our younger years. We can afford a comfortable motel room. 

Chickens? Oh never mind those little critters. The Jones kids will be happy to take care of them for us for a few days. And besides, the family can use the eggs. 

I did a fair bit of travel years ago, you know Isa, before I met you. I always loved it and I know you will too. 

That was before I met you, settled down and my life (our lives) changed forever.

I want to show you what a great, big, beautiful world it is out there. 

Oh now that I've got what they call a few moments of clarity, I want to explain and point out  something to you, Isabella my love. It's on top of that hill beneath the shade trees. Yes, the spot where we used to sit and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon. It's our spot, the place we love so well. 

I placed a marker up there for you Isabella.

You know how you tell me you sometimes feel a distance, like a void, between us? No, of course it's not a separation. But, my dear, I'm here and you're on the other side. We are together, but in two different worlds. Do you understand?

But not to worry. It' just a temporary situation and there's a simple solution I've been thinking more and more about recently. 

Just have patience and wait a bit, my love and I'll be right along. Then we'll be together again.

I love you Isabella. Where would I ever be without your love?

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