Rural Basketball League plays in Orovada

The Humboldt County Rural Basketball league continued its season with three games on Saturday, Feb. 5 in Orovada.    

The first game was Division I Paradise versus McDermitt. 

At the half McDermitt was ahead 12- 2, with Jaxon Morgan (15) scoring Paradise’s two points in the first quarter of the game. 

McDermitt’s points were spread out the first half, with Stephen Brown scoring two, Kiara Crutcher two, Alexis Smart two, Reign Crutcher two, Warrick Crutcher two and AJ Farmer two, totaling 12.

McDermitt took an even more demanding lead in the second half.

Morgan scored the other two points for Paradise. 

For McDermitt Stephen put two more points on the board, Bryson hunter made two shots for four points,

Alexis Smart scored two and Warrick Crutcher made another shot for two.

At the end of the game McDermitt had 22 while Paradise had 4.

The second game of the day featured a Division II match-up, Orovada against McDermitt. 

During the first half Orovada’s Addysen Edwards (14) made two free-throw shots and a two-point shot for four points4.

Zoe Weagant (18) also made a free throw and a two-point shot for three.

McDermitt’s Isabelle York scored two shots for four points, Jordan Chavez made three shots for six and Larell Smartt and Chasen Wilkinson each scored four more points. 

At the half McDermitt was up 14 to 6.  The second half McDermitt scored 12 more points, spread out amongst Isabelle York (2), Jordan Chavez (6), Larell Smart (2), and Chasen Wilkinson (2). 

Orovada’s Logan Gordan and Zoe Weagant both scored a shot and Addysen Edwards made her first of two free-throws for a total of five points for the Eagles during the second half.  

McDermitt took the win 26-12.

There was a Division III game during the intermission.

 Paradise scored 10 and Orovada’s little athletes scored one shot for 2. 

The final game of the day was Division I, as Orovada took on Kings River.  

This was the most intense and closest game of the day.  

At the half Orovada was ahead 19-12.

The Eagles’ Robert Depaoli (15) made six two-point shots, a three-point, and two free-throws for 17, along with Keigin Cordeiro scoring two free throws for two more points.  

The Coyotes’ Cody Allen (32) scored eight points and Isaac Warner scored four during the first half. 

After the half Isaac Warner cam e alive for the Coyotes.  

He scored nine shots for 18 points (22 total for the game).  

Cody Allen also put three shots up for six points and Ainsley Velasco made free throw for one. 

The Eagles answered back, with Robert Depaoli making three shots for six and Keigin Cordeiro with four.  

In the end it was Kings River 35 and Orovada 29.  It was a rough day for the home teams.

This past weekend the  games were held in Paradise Valley.