Pershing County’s 11th Judicial District Court convenes

Pershing County’s 11th Judicial Court met last Monday. 

In the morning session, the court heard several criminal cases. Judge Jim Shirley presided. DA Bryce Shields and DDA Todd Banks argued on behalf of the State of Nevada. Sally Wilcox represented the Division of Parole and Probation.

Addiction has touched the lives of many Pershing County residents. Experts agree that stigmatization impedes recovery. 

It is also illogical given the scope and breadth of the problem. 

Michael Anthony Carroll came to court from jail for a probation violation hearing. 

He admitted to the allegations, including failure to report to the Division of Parole and Probation, breaking the law, using intoxicants and not meeting his financial obligations.

The judge reinstated Carroll on probation with additional requirements including an ankle bracelet.

The court granted Chance Craig Deboer’s petition for discharge from probation. Deboer previously pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine.  

In Dec. 2020, the judge granted a 453 diversion and gave the defendant 36 months of probation. He completed the requirements according to court documents. 

In Oct. 2020 Judge Shirley sentenced Joshua Jeremiah Eggers, then 30, for involuntary manslaughter. 

He gave Eggers 19-48 months, suspended, with two years of probation.  On Monday Eggers requested honorable discharge from probation. 

The district attorney’s office verified that Eggers completed the requirements. The judge granted the request. 

Law enforcement booked Angel Rosemaria Happy, then 35, on possession level charges in Nov. 2021. 

At her sentencing hearing on Monday, Steve Cochran and DDA Banks agreed that Happy has made “a substantial turnaround.”

hirley suspended the proceedings and placed the defendant on probation for one year. He gave her an additional year to complete treatment. She is subject to random drug testing.

Brice Henry Hughes asked for probation for a possession-level drug offense. “I’m sorry for what I did- hope I have the opportunity to correct myself and move on with my life,” he said. 

The judge gave Hughes 12 to 36 months, suspended. He’ll serve two years of formal probation. He must comply with the drug court provision and complete no less than 45 days of inpatient treatment.

Attorney Kale Brock represented Hughes on one count of burglary of a residence and one count of grand larceny. Brock described Hughes as “a smart young person with a bright future.” 

Hughes’s victim gave a sworn statement. 

“I was devastated,” she said. “But I’m not vengeful. I care about you. I want the best for you, Brice. I don’t want you to have a felony on your record. I want you to do the best you can.” 

The defendant listened intently, looking at the victim as she spoke.

Shirley ordered Hughes to pay $1,800 in restitution. He must also reimburse the County $500 for his court-appointed attorney. 

The judge placed the defendant on formal probation for 24 months, during which he must complete the drug court requirements. He agreed to have no contact with the victim or a former associate.

Law enforcement detained Christopher Lee Martin, then 45, on a drug court hold in December 2021. He was not present in the courtroom for his sentencing hearing on Monday. 

The judge continued the hearing until Feb. 18.

Travis Clayton Nichols was not present for his probation violation hearing. Attorney Kyle Swanson said Lyon County sentenced Nichols to prison on Dec 20, 2021. The judge ordered Nichols transported to Pershing County on Mar. 7.

Tylor Anthony Palmer, of La Mesa, Calif., participated in his sentencing and eligibility hearing by telephone. 

His attorney, Kyle Swanson, said Palmer obtained a substance abuse evaluation from the Mcalister Institute near San Diego. They expected the results soon.

Law enforcement booked Palmer, then 34, on possession-level charges in Nov. 2020. At Monday’s hearing, he said he’d benefit from the out-of-state-drug-court program. 

The judge placed him in the program and deferred sentencing for 24 months. If Palmer completes the program earlier he can request discharge. He returns to court in person on Feb. 22, 2023.

Last summer the PCSO booked Lisa Ann Story, then 47, for a possession-level offense.  At her sentencing hearing she admitted to a severe drug problem. “If I could stay clean I would. I need rehab. I can’t stop,” she said. 

The judge ordered Story to see Kate Martin for evaluation for drug court.