Obituary: Darrel K “Boomer” Birmingham

Obituary: Darrel K “Boomer” Birmingham

Obituary: Darrel K “Boomer” Birmingham

Darrel K “Boomer” Birmingham died February 9th, 2022 in his home in Winnemucca at the age of 73.

He was born July 7th, 1948 in Ely, Nevada to Norma and Raymond Birmingham. 

Darrel grew up in Ely as the second of three sons. Darrel was raised with his older brother Ray L and younger brother Quinn. 

Darrel graduated high school and was drafted into the Army, where he served his country overseas. 

Upon returning stateside Darrel was married to Diane Hennings on July 1st 1972 in Ely.  Together they had two children Lynnette and Mickey. 

While the marriage was not to last, they produced two wonderful children who Darrel loved unconditionally. Darrel later went on to meet, and eventually marry, Christine Bolton on May 9th 1992. 

With this marriage Darrel inherited two more sons, Garrett and Everett Bolton. Darrel took Christine’s sons on as they were his own and together they raised the boys. 

Darrel remained a constant source of comfort for his children and their spouses throughout all of his life.

Throughout Darrel’s life he was a miner, in Ely he was a blast foreman which earned him the nickname “Boomer”. 

This was the name that so many of his peers would come to know him as, in fact several of them were unaware that his real name was Darrel.

Mining took Darrel all around Nevada and into Idaho, but eventually he decided to permanently settle down in Winnemucca with his wife, Christine and her boys In 1994.

Throughout his life Darrel was an avid hunter and fisherman, spending much of his childhood in the Ruby Marshes and Mount Mariah. 

He also enjoyed raising exotic birds, spending time with his family and watching them grow. 

As Darrel got older, he found a hobby in collecting pennies and trying to find the “million dollar penny”. Many of the bankers at Nevada State bank knew him well; Darrel would regularly come in to trade his pennies in for new ones.

Darrel is survived by his wife, brothers, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. 

His legacy will endure throughout the lives of all who knew him. Darrel was a man who could make any situation better, and those who knew him were better because of knowing him. 

The family will hold a celebration of life at a later date with his close friends and family.