Nevada Gold Mines donates $35,000 to support Nevada Outdoor School youth programs

Nevada Gold Mines donates $35,000 to support Nevada Outdoor School youth programs

Nevada Gold Mines donates $35,000 to support Nevada Outdoor School youth programs

Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) announced a $35,000 donation from Nevada Gold Mines Social Investment Fund to support 2022 nature-themed youth programs in Humboldt, Lander, and Elko Counties. 

NOS nature-themed programs inspire, motivate and empower rural Nevada youth to explore, learn about, and love the natural world.  School-based “Nature in My World” outdoor lessons and field experiences, “Nature After School”, “Nature at Noon” and “Nature Explorers” summer programs deepen youths’ connection to, understanding of and respect for the natural world.  

They also inspire Nevada youth from pre-school through high school to take a greater interest in learning about and caring for our local habitat and natural resources. This, in turn, develops and strengthens Nevada’s (and Nevada Gold Mines’) future workforce.  

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, corporate giving programs such as Nevada Gold Mines Social Investment Fund make a big difference in helping Nevada Outdoor School accomplish it’s mission and provide programs in our communities.  “NOS’s nature-themed programs teach youth how to think critically about the natural world and their impacts on it, helping to keep our outdoor spaces and recreation areas healthy and open for future generations to enjoy. Throughout our programs, we utilize an Action. Impact. Choice. (A.I.C.) model where participants are challenged to analyze their actions, evaluate the impacts (positive and negative) those actions have on the natural world and choose wisely to positively impact their environment and lessen negative impacts whenever possible.  NOS relies on consistent corporate giving partners like Nevada Gold Mines to enable us to continue to expand the reach of our programs to more rural Nevada communities and spark a love of learning and nature in rural Nevada youth,” said Melanie Erquiaga, Executive Director at Nevada Outdoor School.”

“As part of following through on our commitment to education and the environment, Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) has partnered with Nevada Outdoor School to advance their mission of inspiring exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat, and dedication to community.  NGM is thrilled that our $35,000 investment in NOS will help students and families continue to be able to explore the outdoors through summer camps and school-based programs!”  Alissa Wood, Head of Communities and Corporate Affairs

To find out more information about Nevada Outdoor School and programs in your area, go to: or call 775-623-5656 in Winnemucca or 775-777-0814 in Elko.

About Nevada

Outdoor School

Founded in 2002, Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) was created to establish outdoor education programs in rural Nevada that would create a sense of land stewardship amongst students of all ages.  

Their mission is to inspire exploration of the natural world, responsible stewardship of our habitat and dedication to community.

 The demand for their programs continues to grow, and now NOS now has two offices in Winnemucca and Elko providing top quality youth, training and healthy community focused programs across rural northern Nevada. 

NOS also administers an AmeriCorps grant program placing National Service Members of all ages in a variety of non-profits around the state.  

About Nevada 

Gold Mines 

Nevada Gold Mines is the single largest gold-producing complex in the world.  It was formed in 2019 as a joint venture between Barrick (61.5%) and Newmont (38.5%) through the combination of their significant assets across Nevada.