Rural basketball league returns to action

The games for Humboldt County Rural Basketball League, week 2, had to be postponed from Jan. 22 until this past weekend, due to health concerns regarding Covid.  Nevertheless, this week’s games were worth the wait. The games were in Kings River and began at 10 a.m. 

In Division II action, the Paradise Panthers played the Orovada Eagles. This was Orovada’s first game of the season. Juevenal Olivera (16) scored the first shot game for Orovada for two points. Chase Marshall scored two points for Paradise and Ben Bayles scored his second free-throw shot in the first quarter, ending the first quarter with a score of 3-2, Paradise in the lead. 

During the second quarter, Orovada did not score. Bayles (14) scored another 2-point shot for the Panthers as did Chase Marshall (20). At the half, Paradise still had the lead 7-2. 

Orovada played some tough defense, but did not score again in the third quarter.  Meanwhile, Brynlee Hoagland and Bayles added four more points to the board for Orovada.  In the fourth quarter, Addysen Edwards scored a free throw shot for one point and Juevenal put in two free throws for two, bringing the Eagles’ final game score to 5. 

Bayles also scored a free throw and a 2-point shot for three points and Brynlee made two points. At the end of the game Paradise won 16-5.

• At 11 a.m., Orovada’s Division II team took on the McDermitt Bulldogs. At the end of the first quarter, it was tie game at 7-7. 

By halftime McDermitt was up 21-11. In the third quarter Reign Crutcher scored five points, one of those being a free throw shot and Kiara Crutcher (30) scored two points. 

The Eagles’ Robert Depaoli scored two points and Keigin Cordeiro added four. At the end of the third quarter, McDermitt was still up 28-17. In the fourth quarter, the Bulldogs got into foul trouble resulting in some free throws for Orovada. They had only scored one shot for two points by Bryson Hunter, until the buzzer when Reign Crutcher drained a 3-pointer.

Orovada’s Depaoli made two free throws and two 2-point shots for a total of six points during fourth quarter.  The final score was 30-23, with McDermitt for the win.

• At noon, the Division III teams played. First up Paradise played Orovada. Then Kings River took on Orovada. 

The coaches ran up and down the floor teaching these little athletes from kindergarten through second grade about the fundamental of basketball from dribbling to simply passing in the ball. 

Paradise won the first game and Kings River won the second. However, no official books were kept.  It was all in the name of fun and learning.

• The final game of the day was Kings River’s own Coyotes versus the Paradise Panthers, in Division I.  

Kings River only had five players and Paradise only had six, this was going to be a game of endurance and tenacity. In the first quarter one shot was scored and that was by Cody Allen (32) from Kings River.  

The second quarter was just as exciting, putting in four more shots for 8 and Isaac Warner (35) also scored a shot for two points. Cooper Hoagland (16) scored at shot for the Panthers during the second quarter too. 

Therefore, at the half the score was 12-2, and the home team had the advantage.  

During the third quarter, Cooper made two free throw shots for two points and Kaleb Roberts (19) made shot for two points. 

For the Coyotes both Coy and Isaac made two-point shots for four points and Colton Allen mad a free throw for one more.  Orovada did not score in the fourth quarter. Cody Allen was up to four personal fouls and the Coyotes had six team fouls in the second half. Both Isaac and Cody made another shot each for four.  

The home team, Kings River won 21-6.

This week’s games will be held in Orovada and are scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.  Thanks Jeff Thompson and Ray Crutcher for officiating this season’s games.  Thank you also to all the coaches, teachers, parents and athletes.