Humboldt General Hospital performs first robot-assisted surgery

Humboldt General Hospital performs first robot-assisted surgery

Humboldt General Hospital performs first robot-assisted surgery

WINNEMUCCA – The year 2022 is off to an exciting start at Humboldt General Hospital! Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Meter joined the medical staff and immediately expanded the surgical options available at HGH. 

The most exciting addition is the Stryker Mako surgical robot which Dr. Meter uses in hip and knee replacement procedures. 

Dr. Meter performed the first total hip replacement surgery using the Mako robot on Jan. 25.

He was assisted by the HGH surgical team members, Robert Johnson, PA-C, Jasmin Brunson, RN, Garet Powell, CRNA, and Kayhlin Sorenson, RN. Stryker’s clinical implementation team provided additional assistance in the operating room. 

Tracy Voges of Winnemucca struggled with almost constant hip pain for more than a year.

After being unable to get an appointment in Reno, she contacted Humboldt General’s orthopedic clinic and was given an appointment for a few days later.

At her appointment, Dr. Meter confirmed that a hip replacement was her best option and scheduled her surgery for two weeks later. 

Already up walking and ready to go home the day after surgery, Ms. Voges said she couldn’t be happier. “I’m sure glad there are doctors here like Dr. Meter,” Ms. Voges said. 

“Ms. Voges is an ideal candidate for robotic assisted hip replacement,” Dr. Meter explained. “She is an extremely motivated patient with severe arthritis in her hip causing a significant leg length discrepancy and severe pain. We were able to get her leg lengths equal and have her walking the day of surgery. Stryker Mako brings precision and consistency to joint replacement surgery at no additional cost to our patients.”  

The Mako robot allows Dr. Meter to tailor hip and knee replacements to each patient’s anatomy. CT scans taken prior to surgery are used to create a 3D model of the joint to plan the surgery. 

A robotic arm helps Dr. Meter adhere to the plan during the operation by guiding where to make cuts while protecting the surrounding tissue. 

“Patients recover faster, have less need for pain medications, leave the hospital sooner, and enjoy a quicker rehabilitation,” Dr. Meter said. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Meter, call the HGH orthopedic clinic at 775-625-3090.