Good morning. And a lovely new morning it is here in the high desert. Eggs, bacon and coffee along with peaceful stillness; this would be my definition of happiness as the bright morning sun pops over the hill bringing it’s warm, golden glow to my world.

I don’t have cable TV. I find no need to pay for all that advertising and propaganda. And radio reception is very sparse here being that we are situated down in the canyon. I can only pick up bits and pieces of stations from time to time. So I’ll have to make up my own “breaking news” , inspired by the internet, to pass along to you.

Mainstream news has the same old story every day with a slight new twist to keep it interesting.

Danger, terror, impending war and ever expanding viral pandemics are about to totally engulf us, they say. But, somehow, like a cliffhanger hook, these dragons are being held off for one more day. Stay tuned!

Well I have a dragon story for you. I recently ran across this and would really like to see what you may think of it. 

It requires a big picture, global perspective of our future human survival. And if this master plan, which I fear may be in progress, is successful, then the future looks rather bleak for you and I.

So let’s take an out of the box view of what may be occurring on our beautiful blue green planet and where it may all be heading.

If there was or is an alien intelligence looking at our planet Earth with a great desire to invade, conquer and occupy it, how might it successfully achieve this goal? And how might it do so quietly and secretly over a prolonged period with the least amount of opposition and destruction of the environment and infrastructure?

If, one morning, huge fleets of alien craft suddenly appeared over our major cities and commenced their attack, there would be hell to pay. Shelling, lasers, nukes, attack versus counter attack would quickly turn our environment into a blazing inferno. An advanced alien intelligence would not want to ruin it’s prized possession in it’s act of acquiring it.

A much more practical solution for it’s conquest would be to infiltrate and influence the major powers of our planet, Governments, corporations, academia, media, central  banks, big pharma, etc. all make powerful and influential allies. And from this position of power can be directed the gradual compliance, cooperation and thought control of the masses into relinquishing their freedoms, rights, liberties and independence.

A good current example of this could be the Chinese population under the brutal dictatorship of their Chinese Communist Party. Regimentation, control, and compliance is mandated for all worker bees. Dissent is rooted out and stomped on. Free speech, thought and actions are not allowed.

They have a “financial credit system” whereby practically all behavior is monitored and controlled by the CCP. Compliance is rewarded with favors, financial credit and privileges.

Noncompliance or falling out of favor with authorities results in being frozen out of the system, curtailment in travel, employment, education, etc. Resistance, you could say, is futile.

Europe, the US and many other countries have similar systems of credit and population control planned and near ready to roll out shortly.

I see it as a softening up process where the cooped world powers prepare and smooth the way for the entrance of the “Dragon”, the alien invader. 

Mass fear, division, confusion “shock and awe” and dependence on government solutions are plastered all over the media. The population is about ready to submit to anything in exchange for security, peace and protection. 

Our national governments have always craved power and control but have also been very suspicious of each other and not far from the verge of conflict. 

So to see the majority of our world leaders agree and march in lockstep with this new agenda, well it’s curious indeed. 

It’s phenomenal to see an almost seamless alignment  and agreement on a one world order, currency, etc. 

This is what prompts me to suspect the “man behind the curtain” pulling the strings and mapping out a horrendous future for mankind. 

So what do you think of my alien invasion theory, dear reader? Do you think it’s an absolutely crazy idea and can never happen here?

I sure hope you’re right!

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