Writing for fun or profit

Anyone who has ever had an interest in writing should come to the Writer’s Seminar to be held at the public library on Feb 16 at 6 p.m.

Covered will be initial ideas, punctuation, grammar, marketing, editing and publishing. 

The class is free and will be on a first come basis. Please call James at 625-7467 to reserve your spot. James is an accomplished writer having written for the Community Living Magazine and the Humboldt Sun.

He is working on his fifth novel. This seminar is not for the comic books or graphic novelists. 

It is for the one who has a story to tell, and yes, for those who have a dream of making money. 

We will discuss when to spend money and when not too. How to recognize a scam. 

How to reduce the number of rejection letters, by way of writing a more perfect query letter. Do you only want to write as a hobby, or do you want to make a business out of it? 

There is money in one but not the other.

James Shown