It's a four-peat

It's a four-peat

It's a four-peat

Thick N Wild won their fourth consecutive softball title at McDougal Park on Thursday night. 

They defeated their arch-rival, Wolf Pack, with a final score of 21-5. 

After the games, Thick N Wild displayed their championship tee-shirts, designed by Makers. 

They feature the Lovelock Softball Association logo on the front. The back lists all of the 2022 teams - Thick N Wild, Wolf Pack, Second Stringers, Brew Crew, Smokin' Aces, Weekend Warriors, Modelo Time and Goyo's Garage. 

They each had a successful season, according to league president Jared Jensen. "Our teams from top to bottom were more competitive," he said. "Many of them have been playing at McDougal for five summers and it shows on the field."

Wolf Pack was a tough team to beat. But Thick N Wild's Brian Smokey and Ethan Rhodes scored multiple home runs that tilted the scoreboard in their favor. Evan and Brian Smokey handled the infield, rarely letting any balls get by them.

"Our girls stepped up big time with some big hits and did a good job base running, which allowed us to score more," Evan Smokey said. "Our defense kept us in the game and helped us win."

Thick N Wild is made up of many family members. And even the players who are not related play like brothers and sisters.

"It's my favorite part of the summer," said Smokey. "I enjoy spending time with my family and it makes it even better that we get to do what we love."