Union Township Justice Court

Items in the Court Docket are compiled from public records contained in the Union Township Justice Court and the Sixth Judicial District Court. The Humboldt Sun reports all felony hearings, misdemeanor convictions and dismissals for which the court releases information. 

Union Township Justice Court

On April 12, Spencer Greenlee changed his plea to no contest for obstructing public officer. The court ruled: Fined $500 + $140AA, fines converted to jail time and defendant was given credit for time served. 

On April 13, due to compliance the charge against Seth Wintermute for no current registration in vehicle was dismissed. 

On April 18, Michael Fresquez pleaded guilty to resisting a public officer and requested the cash bail posted be used towards fines and fees this totaling $1,140. 

On April 19, Michael Gerard Watson pleaded no contest to driving under the influence first offense and driving on highway having multiple marked lanes. The court ruled as follows: Count 1 – sentenced to 30 days jail with 28 stayed for period of one year, defendant to serve a term of two days with credit time served of two days, fined $400 + $125AA + $60 forensic fee, cash bail forfeited to fines and fees owed, DUI school to be completed and victim impact panel to be completed. Count 2 – Fined $50 + $65AA, cash bail forfeited to fines and fees owed, remaining $750 bail to be refunded. 

On April 19, pursuant to negotiation the fines for the charges against Kindra Rodriguez were reduced to $150 for basic speed-speed too fast for condition and driving without valid license. 

On April 19, pursuant to negotiation the charge against Danielle Baca for basic speeding violation – 11-20 MPH over posted limit was amended to basic speed 1-10 over limit and the fine was reduced to $75 + $50AA.