“Everywhen” festival similar to Burning Man

Pershing County Sheriff Jerry Allen alerted county leaders about an upcoming event on the Black Rock Playa that he and his deputies plan to patrol. “Everywhen” sounds like Burning Man with art projects, art cars, streets, interactive camps and pricey tickets required for admission.

Everywhen opens June 30 and closes July 5 but art crews will have three more days to remove their art, clean up their trash and “leave no trace.” Unlike the Burning Man festival, Everywhen art will be recyclable and will not be burned but there will be fire according to the event website.

“No art is permitted to burn down,” states the Everywhen organizers. “Flame effects are allowed and will be subject to inspection…Consider up-cycling or reusing existing projects or material.”

Thousands attended similar but informal events last summer on the Black Rock Playa. This year’s Everywhen is more organized with advance ticket sales and a Bureau of Land Management permit that will confine the festival to a specified fenced area on the playa.
“They are going through the BLM permitting process now,” Sheriff Allen said. “They are going to name their city Constellation City. The (BLM) closure would go at least between June 26 and July 5. It’s going to be during what’s commonly known as the 4th of Juplaya time frame.”

According to county code 5.16, a county festival license will be required if the event reaches or exceeds the threshold of 1,000 participants. The application is due at least 60 days prior to the event, the application fee is $100 and a public hearing is required before a license is granted.

“Every individual, corporation or partnership who permits, maintains, promotes, conducts, advertises, operates, organizes, manages, sells or gives tickets away to an actual or reasonably anticipated assembly of 1,000 or more individuals shall obtain an outdoor festival license from the board of county commissioners,” reads Pershing County Code 5.16.020. 

Everywhen tickets cost $325 and pricier tickets are available for $400 and $550 each. The tickets pay for art grants and government fee recovery according to the Everywhen website. 

Sheriff Allen said more law enforcement and other county services could be needed in the future if an increasing number of festivals and other events are permitted by the BLM on the playa.

“If there’s going to be continuing festivals and those kinds of things in that area, that’s going to draw resources from the rest of the county. I thought the board should know about that.”