Lander County Sheriff's Report

On March 31st – Reginald Salmas Coulson was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear after admission to bail or release.

On March 31st – Tyler Dennis Haldeman was arrested for violation of a temporary order for protection. 

On March 31st – John Edward Gerard was arrested for 1) Burglary of a business, 2) Prohibited act, violation of sex offender registration.

On April 1st – Ira Kelly was arrested for violation or probation or condition of release.

On April 1st – Brent David Baker checked in, serving time on a court sentence.

On April 4th – John William Huber was arrested for failure to appear after admission to bail or release.

On April 6th – Aaron Ray Fagg was arrested for 1) Possession of schedule I, II controlled substance, less than 14 grams, 1st or 2nd offense, 2) Reckless driving with disregard of safety, 3) Basic speeding violation, 21-30 mph over posted limit, 4) Driver evade, elude or fail to stop on signal of peace officer, 5) Open alcohol container in vehicle, 6) Display fictitious vehicle reg/plate/title, 7) Duty to stop at the scene of an accident, 8) Possession of a hypodermic device, 9) Use or under the influence of a controlled substance.

On April 7th – Nathan Duane Odle was arrested for 1) DUI 1st, 2) Failure to drive on the right half of roadway.