March 2022 Marriages

March 3

Brady Paul Robert Lange, age 22, of Winnemucca to Emma Cherie Dummond, age 21, of Winnemucca.

March 11

Jacob Landon Lee McColl, age 24, of Winnemucca to Makayla Elizabeth Nelson, age 24 of Winnemucca.

March 15

Jacob Danie Madrid Escobar, age 20, of Winnemucca to Zethly Viktoria Vilarie, age 23 of Winnemucca.

March 25

Michael Robin Scherbenske, age 66 of Winnemucca to Hazel Tyler Hicks, age 62, of Winnemucca.

March 28

Jesse James McKillop, age 43, of Golconda to Dottie Lea Jimenez, age 45, of Golconda.

March 31

Shonna Maree Lee, age 31, of McDermitt to Duwayne Raymond Crutcher, age 34, of McDermitt.