Building a Better Community

Nevada Outdoor School has a three-part mission.

First, inspire the exploration of the natural world.

Second, promote responsible stewardship of our habitat.  

Third, be dedicated to our community.  We find great joy in serving in all three of these components, but the third one, dedication to our community is where we are really learning to expand our wings, and we are excited about that because this is where we get to directly connect with our community members, and grow alongside you!

For many years Nevada Outdoor School focused on serving youth, specifically through classroom lessons in our traditional schools or at summer camps.  

Since our inception in 2003, we have met and spent time outdoors with thousands of school-aged children.  

Having students react to us like superheroes in the grocery store is pretty good for our egos, but we want to see that reaction from not only school-ages kids, but from others as well!

Like others, as we recovered and emerged from a pandemic world, we took the opportunity to evaluate and redesign our programs.  

The result of that is the desire to serve kids ages 0 - 99+, to move our focus away from just youth, to zoom out and instead bring our entire community into focus, not just the school-aged kiddos. 

 Why?  Because big-kids need to get outside, too!  A lot of people over the age of 18 have the desire to get outside, but may do not have the skills, knowledge, or abilities.  We know happy people are the key to building a better community.

This year, we have started to build two programs that will support everyone spending more time outdoors via our Outdoor Skill Workshops and our Community Nature Programs. What is the difference between these two programs?  

Our Outdoor Skill Workshops focus on learning a skill, our goal is to teach you something to aid you in your outdoor exploration and recreation and for you to leave with improved skills, knowledge, and abilities.  

Our Community Nature Programs are a bit more relaxed and are intended to gather people of like-interests together to experience something outdoors.  Of course, if you leave with increase skills, knowledge, or abilities, that is fantastic (and hopefully happens!), but that is not the primary driving mission of the time spent outdoors, it is more about being social.  

Both of these programs, the Outdoor Skill Workshops and the Community Nature Programs, are designed to serve people of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. 

 If there are ever any requirements or a limitation, they will be announced ahead of time so you can choose wisely.  Come and participate as a family, our activities are intentionally designed to be fun for everyone!

As we move into spring and summer, being outside is a great place to be!  

Learn more about our upcoming events by going to our website.  

Let this be the year you stop thinking about becoming more active, and do it!  We can help you get outside in a safe and responsible way.  

Find our current events at   Get outside, it is good for humans everywhere!