Woman sentenced to jail on peace officer battery

Amara McDermitt was recently ordered to serve 364 days in jail with 82 days credit for time served after pleading guilty to a gross misdemeanor battery on a peace officer charge. 

The charge was for an incident that occured in Humboldt County on March 2, 2020, while incarcerated on other charges. 

McDermitt had applied for a mental health diversion program and probation and pleaded guilty to the charge. 

State attorney Todd Banks said that McDermitt had not cooperated with the pre-sentencing investigation process and had previously missed hearings in the matter but stated that the underlying plea agreement was still appropriate. 

“Miss McDermitt has a lot of problems and I think a lot of those problems are mental and it has worn itself out throughout this process and there may be some substance abuse issues also that were denied, but at the end of the day I firmly believe that for justice to be best served here that the original underlying agreement is appropriate,” said Banks.

McDermitt passed on the opportunity to speak to the court in an allocution statement. 

No victim impact statements were given in the hearing. 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero sentenced McDermitt to 364 days in jail with 82 days credit for time served and ordered a $25 administrative assessment fee and $3 DNA collection fee be paid.