3rd Annual ADF-Winnemucca Sprint Triathlon

3rd Annual ADF-Winnemucca Sprint Triathlon

3rd Annual ADF-Winnemucca Sprint Triathlon

While numbers were down due to COVID-19 and smoke, a mighty group appeared to join the fun.

With marvelous volunteers at registration, counting lengths, and adding safety to the biking and running course, I have to say – Fantastic!!

Alicia Heiser pulled a 3-peat, with a winning time of 1.24:46. Because she trains and is full of determination, she always does well. 

ADF-Winnemucca appreciates her talents as well as her willingness to make certain that others can succeed. 

Last summer she offered a 12-week preparation plan for those contemplating participating. I have attached these plus routes on our registration form for next year, tentatively set for Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022. No excuses – start your training now.

Alicia has also offered to hold Saturday morning work-outs to share advice, insight, and tips for get your mind and body ready for this terrific adventure. 

I promise you a tremendous feeling of success when you complete this event, whether you compete in all three as an individual or serve on a team. 

Not only will we have the “Official Winnemucca Certified Sprint Triathlon” we have devised a mini-ST for newcomers, nervous souls, kids, and folks who just-want-to-meet-a-challenge. 

Christine Davis placed second overall and is also recognized for the greatest number of family members on her cheer team and our Welcome Back to Winnemucca champion. Thomas Scott from Reno placed first in the men’s division. 

Mother-daughter team Megan Parry and Bethany Nichols demonstrated the power of family; Amy Jensen and Jessica Sagers showed the value of sisterhood. Judge Montero sponsored two teams, however, not all three team members were present so the remaining members missed out on a prize. 

Mary Agnes Boni competed virtually and was the first to submit her time. More virtual times continue to roll in. 

Patty at Madhatter created fantastic goodie bags for participants as did Gayle McDonald and Cindy Michaels of Hospice who filled bags for our volunteers. 

So, start now for next year’s excitement while meeting a manageable, doable competition. Practice and training make a difference and you know that you can triumph – a personal best brings a strong sense of accomplishment. I have always said that our Turkey Trot empowers with smiles and family and friendship interconnections. I must say the same is true of a Sprint Tri. Everyone finished with joy and a sense of satisfaction.

We are looking at improvements for the future such as packet pick-up the evening before, a sprint - and mini-event, more categories such as First-Timers, Family and Business Teams, and more. I’ve also been pondering a tie-dye T-shirt event at Friday’s registration so that everyone leaves with an original design. 

Contact Gini Cunningham for more information and she’ll send you a registration form, routes, a training plan, and constant cheering for your success.Or visit our website: www.adf-winnemucca.com