Winnemucca Talks free baby session starts Dec. 7

Winnemucca Talks free baby session starts Dec. 7

Winnemucca Talks free baby session starts Dec. 7

Parents and caregivers of children ages 0—33 months are invited to participate in free group sessions designed to build babies brains and prepare them for success, beginning December 7. 

The program is designed to help make babies’ brains stronger and ready for success later in school with research-based programming and parent classes which teach simple ways to improve a child’s language environment, improve parent-child communication and use a “talk pedometer” to track progress. 

Families receive free class materials including a children’s book each week and participation incentives such as gift cards, toys, diapers and baby gear. 

The program is being held at the Winnemucca Grammar School through LENA (Language ENvironmental Analysis), a national nonprofit on a mission to transform children’s futures through early talk technology and data driven programs.

Space is limited and individuals can sign up for the class by contacting Holli Else, M.Ed. by emailing or calling 408-753-7267. 

According to an article on LENA’s website, the pilot program was originally introduced in Humboldt County by initiation of interest by Winnemucca Grammar School Principal Colby Corbitt after learning about the program a few years ago. 

Title I funding was reported being used for the initial program, with the intention of using ESSER funding for future iterations. 

There is also an online Facebook Group for updates that can be found at