You may be quite reluctant, as am I, dear reader,  to tear down a wonderful creation and destroy it just because it’s time has passed. It’s been such a lovely, attractive and emotional display, why not let it linger just a little longer?

I was thinking of this today as I drove along Front Street in our little town. I saw them still standing there; our month of October Halloween scarecrows, the ones I described to you in a recent issue. They were attached to lamp posts that line the main stretch of our midtown. What a wonderous display of merriment and charm. 

I think each town has its own individual identity, culture and character. You can see it in its sports activities, special events and in it’s hometown pride. I certainly see and feel it here in Caliente, Nevada.

I know the town council wants to tear those figures down to prepare for other upcoming events such as Christmas, which is just around the corner. This is especially so now that we are already ten days into November. Halloween is over. 

But we just can’t seem to do it yet. Why not let them linger and bask in their scarecrow glow for just a little longer?

It’s November tenth as I scribble these lines and they should be off and gone like our falling Autumn leaves. 

You know when it’s time to put away the birthday decorations or when you have to dispose of the Christmas tree and take all the pretty lights down. The party’s over. That’s it. There ain’t no more folks!

But don’t we say the same thing about our own individual lives? It’s not really time yet. Just another hour, day, another season. Please  let me bask in my glory for just a little longer. 

We know it’s close to time to go, of course. We’ve performed our encore and the curtain is about to fall. Management wants to strike the set and get ready for the next scene. But let’s not do it quite yet. 

Why not hold on a little longer?

Many of my friends, who are near and dear to my heart, are in their seventies, eighties and some are in their nineties.

They know their time is rolling on and twilight is settling in. But they are not ready yet. There are so many goodbyes, hugs, squeezes and kisses to share. And there are so, so many “I love you’s”.

These three words can be repeated over and over, and they are. The emotional ties that hold and bind those we love close to our hearts are so difficult to just let go and allow to unravel. 

I see my life these days as something like a bus ride. I feel as though I’m sitting in the back of the bus as I watch my dear old friends get off one by one and fade away into the distance. 

I miss them and I wish they could linger just a little longer. 

And it’s a jumbled up random selection as to who is to get off the bus next. 

I ride along with them as we chat and smile and share our many experiences and fond memories. It’s been an amazing ride. 

But it’s always sad, difficult and painful for the heart to say “Goodbye”.

Sorry for sinking into this emotional mess, dear reader. Someone close to me just passed and I’m in a sad mood today. 

Her name was June and Lincoln County and all it’s RSVP clients will certainly miss her.

However, I see the cycle of birth, life and death as quite similar to the changing of seasons, like Summer into Fall. And, sure as can be, after Winter, wouldn’t you know, along comes a wonderful fresh new Spring.

I’m wrapping up this issue on November eleventh. It’s Veterans Day and proud American flags are on display all along our Front Street. I watched them flutter in the Fall breeze as I drove by. 

I looked around for our charming scarecrows, but they are almost all gone. I spotted just three or four of them still hanging on wanting to be seen and admired by all until the very end. 

But, not to worry, they’ll be back again in October, next year. 

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