Fall time at Battle Mountain Senior Center

Fall time at Battle Mountain Senior Center

Fall time at Battle Mountain Senior Center

Rain, car ride, homemade jelly, shots and friends

After a six-month drought of no rain, we have now enjoyed one day, one night and a day of showers.

I am very thankful for the moisture we have received and so is my lawn and trees. I am hoping for a wet fall.

We had visitors from Winnemucca who brought their Ford Model A,s to show us. A few of us got rides in them. 

Thanks to Dan Thompson and Leland Miller for making our day special. 

Both cars rode very smoothly. They were built for much smaller people at that time.

Mignon Hiley grows big plump rhubarb in her yard. This year she made rhubarb-strawberry jam, she shared it with all of the seniors. 

It really tasted good on toast. Everyone sends there thanks to her for the special treat.

Six of us tried out the new van we have for traveling. We went to the California Trail Interpretive Center by Elko. 

Our driver said that the van is very easy to drive. He wanted to use the T.V., but we all said no. The seats are very comfortable to travel in. 

We hope the covid pandemic can become controlled so more trips will be possible. We enjoyed lunch out. It was nice to have an outing with friends.

Judy Dahl’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades came and presented a program of song, piano and guitar solos. 

The kids showed us how to move about if we wanted exercise. They stayed and had lunch with us also. They were also dressed as goblins.  Hope they will come back, but not the goblins.

We have been getting our flu shots and our covid Mederna boosters. If you still need a booster call the clinic at 635-2424 and have them set up an appointment for you. 

They are giving them at a drive up. Meals are good . It is good to see friends that pop in. Spend a day with us on the 20th.