Lake Township Justice Court

Timothy Lee Bradley came to court from the jail, now off Covid quarantine. He admitted to some of the allegations contained in a probation violation report prepared by the Division of Parole and Probation. 

However, he denies others. Specifically, he denies being kicked out of Agape House in Reno, a group home placement. 

In April the judge reinstated Bradley’s probation with the condition that he complete the Agape program. Bradley returns to court for an evidentiary hearing on Nov. 29.

Matthew Ireland Brown came to court for a pretrial conference. He denies allegations of domestic battery with substantial bodily harm, first offense. The judge granted a change in legal counsel. The trial is set for Sept. 13, 14 and 15.

Brown is to have no contact with the alleged victim.

Mark Anthony Ramos did not appear in court for his sentencing. He previously pleaded guilty to DUI, third offense. The DA’s Office supports Ramos’s application for a diversionary sentence, if eligible. 

Ramos returns to court on Dec. 6. The judge retains sentencing discretion.

Cynthia Ann Robbins previously admitted possessing methamphetamine on Jun. 6, 2021, in Lovelock. Monday, she came to court for sentencing. Cochran emphasized that, except for substance abuse, Robbins has a spotless record. 

“Should these matters not be treated as crimes, there is no criminal behavior in all of Ms. Robbins’s lifetime,” he said. “She fully admits to addiction issues but you don’t see the moral compromises some people make to pay for those addictions. You don’t see one iota of her stealing or being engaged in any other criminal activity.” 

DDA Todd Banks added that, under his reading of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Robbins met the threshold for mandatory probation.

The judge gave Robbins a suspended sentence of 12 – 36 months with one year of probation. She is to abstain from controlled substances, alcohol and marijuana, a standard condition of probation monitored by random testing.

Daniel Leroy McGuinness, 36, came to court from jail to change his plea. He faces felony charges of causing harm to an older adult (over 60), his father. He also allegedly trespassed on a public building next door to his father’s residence.

McGuinness entered an Alford plea. Under an Alford plea, a defendant maintains their innocence. However, they concede that, at trial, the prosecution’s evidence could result in a guilty verdict with a harsher sentence.

Christopher Lee Martin did not appear in court for his arraignment. His attorney, Steve Cochran, said Martin is currently hospitalized for medical reasons. The judge asked for proof of hospitalization within 48 hours. Otherwise, he planned to issue a bench warrant, he said. 

Brice Henry Hughes came to court from jail to face arraignment for a possession level drug offense. The attorneys are contemplating a global resolution with another case pending against Hughes. 

A global resolution is when a person is charged with multiple cases and one plea takes care of everything. The defendant will return to court in two weeks.

Damon Christopher Happy came to court from jail for arraignment on charges of battery with a deadly weapon on a person over 60. DA Bryce Shields said he may charge Happy as an habitual felon.

Happy denies the allegations. The judge set the trial for Feb. 28, 29 and 30.

On July 26, the PCSO booked Lisa Ann Story, 47, of Grass Valley, for a possession-level drug offense. On Oct. 4, Story agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit a crime, a gross misdemeanor. The plea is a legal fiction, noted her attorney.

In exchange for the guilty plea, the attorneys jointly recommended that Story serve formal probation supervised by the Division of Parole and Probation. 

However, the defendant asked the judge for more time to decide how to proceed. She’ll return to court on Nov. 15. In the meantime, she is out on her own recognizance and reporting to pretrial services by telephone.

Erin Marie Ramage, of Fernley, did not appear for her arraignment. According to a Pershing County Sheriff’s report dated May 19, 2021, she faces charges of DUI, first offense and endangerment of a child. Her attorney, Steve Cochran, said Ramage’s ride fell through.

The judge continued the case until Dec. 6, stating that if Ramage fails to appear he’ll issue a bench warrant.