Obituary: Francis Fagalde

Francis Fagalde was discovered deceased in his home on December 6, 2021. 

Francis (Frank) Fagalde arrived in this world on May 25, 1945 in Hasparren, Basque Country, France. 

When Frank was about 5 years of age his family immigrated to the United State and started a new life in San Francisco California where his father worked as a shepherd.

He graduated from Sacred Heart Boys High School, located in San Francisco, in 1963. Shortly after graduating, Frank enlisted in the United States Air Force. 

He served as an Airborne Early Warning Radar operator for most of his career, and later switched to land based operations, where he served until retiring in 1991 as a Master Sargent.

Frank was a kind man and had a fondness for sculptures and artistic furniture. 

He collected books and movies. He loved Shakespeare, classical music, opera, and fine foods.

Frank has been reunited with the love of his life, his wife Joan, his mother, Marie Louise Etcheverry Fagalde, his father, Pierre Fagalde, and other departed family and loved ones.

Frank will be missed by those who knew and loved him. 

He made our lives a little richer, and he will not be forgotten. 

God Bless Francis Fagalde, may you rest in peace.