Running free

Running free

Running free

It’s been a couple of years or more since I last mentioned anything in these pages about the plight of our much admired, noble wild horses still roaming free on the mountains and plains of this land. 

However, sadly, as I see it from time to time in this newspaper, they are still being rounded up, corralled, isolated, mistreated and processed for the elimination of the life they knew and loved so well. That is their right to run unfettered, wild and free. 

I see the fate of our human population in this world today as being quite similar to that of our beloved mustangs. Our Authorities appear to be driven to curtail, control and eliminate independence, movement and freedom not only with animals but with our human population as a whole.

“There isn’t much freedom left”. That was the sales slogan of a land development company used in their TV commercials back in the seventies. They made it seem that by buying a 10 acre lot in Montana that you were purchasing a piece of freedom. 

The way I see it is that the amount of freedom still remaining in our present existence is practically zero. It’s been watered down by our “nanny state’. It’s been monitored, traded and sold off for false promises of security, comfort and protection from a harsh and seemingly  dangerous environment. 

Yes, our once proud and cherished American tradition of freedom, liberty and independence has been and gone. Now all of us are being instructed to form a line at the entrance of the gulag!

If you think I’m exaggerating then just look at our current world events. We have lockdowns, quarantines, required masking, “health passports’’. And I just read that as of February first in Austria, vaccination will be mandatory for all!

Yes, Austria is to be the first country to go all in on total totalitarianism. And, I’m sure, many other countries are planning to follow right along. 

This event, I think, could be a game changer. It could direct us right toward our demise as a human species, or it could ignite the spark for a massive counter reaction from our populace. 

You either have freedom, or you do not. It can not be regulated, reduced and modified and still continue to exist. 

So many brave souls have fought and died to achieve it. Still we have failed to defend it at this crucial hour. And we have given up our precious freedom so easily and readily. 

The BLM wantonly wastes untold amounts of taxpayer’s dollars to harass, frighten, round up by helicopter and imprison those beautiful wild horses. They are confined indefinitely and separated from their families in terrible conditions. The intent, it seems, is that their free spirit must be broken at all costs. 

Animal cruelty is looked at a despicable crime when committed by a member of the public. But it is totally overlooked when perpetrated by the government. 

But the BLM is just enforcing government policy. It’s merely doing its job and  following orders. 

This was also very much the attitude and excuse used by bureaucrats in Natzi Germany during the Holocast. 

Speaking of Natzies, There is a very small segment of our society that would fit in this category. They have various other labels such as the global elite, new world order, globalist, etc. I would just basically call them psychopaths. 

The concepts of freedom, privacy, and independence for citizens of the world appear to be abhorrent to this subset of individuals. They strive to have these human qualities radically altered and eliminated. 

The way I’ve heard it described is that they view our beautiful blue green planet as being in grave danger from pollution, resource shortages, climate change, ect. But most of all they see our world’s biggest problem as that of overpopulation. 

They see our planet as being afflicted by cancer, and we, the humans, as being that cancer! 

So what, dear reader, do you suppose might be their offered solution?

If you look around at what is taking place as things develop today, especially from the dark evil perspective of this group, then the strange events occurring may begin to make sense to you. Perhaps you can start to connect the dots and see a master plan they have laid out for our future. 

That is, if we have a future!

I know that if you’re just now looking at this prospect or possibility for the first time that it’s a really difficult idea to wrap your head around! However, I think you should at least look at it and decide for yourself.

But our mustangs have a future. Well those of them not already captured, corralled, drugged and imprisoned do. 

There are still many amazing wild, innocent beasts roaming the high plains of the Western United States. And, for now, they still run free.

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