Obituary: James William McKinnon “Jimmy”

Obituary: James William McKinnon “Jimmy”

Obituary: James William McKinnon “Jimmy”

A beloved son, brother, husband, and father. Jimmy was born to John (Butch) and Veronica (Rocky) McKinnon, on June 24,1978 and was the youngest of 6 siblings.

Jimmy was a lifetime resident of Gabbs, Nevada, becoming the first baby born right there in town. 

As a youngster he was the one you would see carrying around a 16 oz. Pepsi bottle from the time he could walk, and always being right in tow with Mom. 

He could also be found out hunting and fishing for days on end with his father and siblings all over Nevada. 

Growing up Jimmy played several sports including basketball, baseball, and football.

Jimmy graduated in 1997 going on to attend Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada achieving an Associate’s degree in Millwright Maintenance. 

After graduation Jimmy went back to Gabbs and became the Nye County School Districts maintenance man, bus driver, chaperone, class sponsor, and one of his favorites, the Track and Field Coach.

 One of Jimmy’s greatest achievements, and one we are all so proud of him for, is becoming and EMT and firefighter for Gabbs. Jimmy ran the ambulance for all of Nye County and some of his favorite events including the Best in the Desert Racers and taking care of the drivers at Rattlesnake Raceway. 

Jimmy was the first man on scene for so many people in so many different ways. He then met his wife, Crystal and soon after married, starting his own family. 

Remaining in Gabbs, they raised their 3 children, JJ, Timmy, and Sierra. Though these were his and Crystals kids they were not their only kids, they were a sanctuary for many other kids in Gabbs. 

Jimmy’s heart had no limits, and he thought every one of those kids he took in as his own, teaching many of them life lessons that will never be forgotten.

He was the glue that kept everyone together. He was the heart and soul of the town, and everyone knew that and knew he would do anything he could to help them out in any way. 

Jimmy can always be remembered by his infectious giggle and big bear hugs, and of course the loving harassment we all endured from him. 

Jimmy was always up to something and would be the first to jump on the opportunity to pull a prank on you, or of course give you one of his famous wet willies.

Through his time in Gabbs he fulfilled his life with many passions which he shared with his family. 

Jimmy is survived by a large family who loved him dearly, including his father Butch McKinnon, his spouse Crystal Howell, his children Jajuan (JJ) Thompson, Timothy Howell, and Sierra McKinnon, his siblings John McKinnon-brother married to Pam McKinnon- Pam Myers-sister married to Claude Myers- Karen Johnson-sister married to Don Johnson- Mike McKinnon-brother married to Julie McKinnon- Thomas McKinnon- brother. Nieces and nephews: Megan Seliquini, Bryan, Eric & Dawn Myers, Greg and Jenny Johnson, Melissa Marsh, Shelby Logan. Great nieces and nephews: Dean and Everly Siliquini, Connor Myers, Autumn and Hailee Myers and Maddox Mercado, Emalee Shank and Landyn Marsh. 

Jimmy was the most loving, caring, hardworking, and genuine person to ever walk this Earth, to know him was to love him. 

He was an essential asset to his community and the best little brother, husband, dad, and uncle, to a family who will miss him dearly. He was greeted in heaven by mom, and they are sipping on an ice-cold Pepsi, looking down on all their loved ones.

A celebration of life will be held Saturday December 11, 2021, at 2 pm, in Gabbs, NV, at the Fire hall”. If you wish to donate to the James McKinnon family, a go fund me account has been established.