Live forever

Look at the children and the tears that they cry; How do we teach them that this isn’t goodbye?

Please let them know that their loved ones live on; No longer on earth but never gone.

Explain that with memories, they live on in our hearts; If they never forget, they will never part.

Thousands have perished with only a trace; Only memories of their voices and visions of their face.

Please hold the wives that lost part of their soul; When their world fell apart and they lost all control.

Tell them their husbands will always be there; Close their eyes and remember moments they shared.

Reach out to the husbands that can’t hold their wives; Remind them she’s always there to share in their lives.

Tell all that are suffering that though they are gone from our sight; That they will live forever in our hearts and the Lords Heavenly Light.

Kisa Murrin